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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Wednesday News Round-Up

"We're proud to put Senator Lieberman's record against anybody's," said Sean Smith, Lieberman's campaign manager. "We'll see if (Lamont's) angry one-issue candidacy is what Connecticut Democrats are looking for."
They can kid themselves it's a one issue campaign. Joe Lieberman hearts Bush & believes its ok to sell our ports to the UAE. Joe Lieberman hearts Lynne Cheney & doesn't believe in academic freedom. He also *loves* media censorship & doesn't believe the hearing impaired (which he equates with children) are capable of deciding what they want to watch. Joe Lieberman hearts Alito & Santorum and is fake prochoice. Holy Joe hearts Jerry Falwel & appears on Save the Jews for Jesus infomercials. Joe stonewalls dissenting constituents with a fake congeniality. Oh my, was that one issue? Sorry I got carried away.
& Just what *are* Lieberman's ties to the religious right? Seems like we've only scraped the surface.
"This president plays on our fears, not our hopes," Lamont said in a written statement. "In too many ways our country is going off course.
Lamont got that right! In fact the president & his creatures are pretty darn nihilistic. They create fires and Lieberman runs around shouting "danger, red alert" !
How about the fact that Lieberman believes that Pfizer is "doing the Lords Work" in terms of family values etc, and receives more contributions from them than any Dem or possibly even Repub, and between 1998 & 2003 he cosponsered 9 bills that would give Pfizer taxbreaks and patent extensions. (The buying of the Preznit. Charles Lewis). The Lord's Work indeed! Apparently the Lord's work comes at a hefty price to citizens who can barely afford generic brands.
In addition, to helping pharmaceutical companies contribute to the rising cost of healthcare, Lieberman supported school vouchers. School vouchers = old segregationist trick of the Cracker South.
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