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Monday, April 03, 2006


4,000 Donors in First Quarter

The 1Q numbers are out and exceeded all expectations, according to this email from the campaign:

Dear [Thirdparty],

Less than a month ago I officially announced I would challenge Senator Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic Primary. Our first Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing deadline has passed and I am encouraged and amazed to report that more than 4,000 of you stepped up and contributed. This is 33% more than our original goal, and a resounding testament to your hard work and ability to spread the word about our campaign and our vision. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. Clearly, without your support I would not be in this race.

But our work isn't done. In addition to continuing to fundraise, I now need to get on the ballot. There are two ways of ensuring Democrats in Connecticut have a choice on August 8.

First, our campaign will be on the ballot if we receive 15% of the delegates' votes at the State Party Convention on May 20th. For a challenger taking on a well-financed incumbent, this is difficult. But not impossible--and we are working every day with people from local town committees throughout the state to reach it.

The second option is to collect 15,000 signatures in support of my candidacy. On April 26th we will launch our petition drive, and if you live in Connecticut we need you and your friends and neighbors to take part. We want to show our strong support by submitting at least twice as many signatures as we need. We'll let you know the details of this exciting effort in the next few days.


Once again, thank you for everything you have done and everything you will do. This campaign has not solicited, and will not accept, Washington lobbyist money - we have you. And that's just the way I like it.

Thank you,

Ned Lamont

No Washington lobbyist money. Will Lieberman make the same pledge?

OK, you can stop laughing and get up off the floor now.

As the email notes, this campaign now moves on to something of a new phase, as the petition drive starts in a mere three weeks. Here are some events coming up this week where you can learn more, from the now regularly updated official site (or click on "Upcoming Events" on the left):

Is Washington lobbyist money the same thing as PAC money?
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