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Friday, March 31, 2006


"The Elephant In The Room"


Barack Obama's words (via Fox 61's video report on the JJB dinner):

"I know that some in the party have differences with Joe. I'm gonna go ahead and say it. It's the elephant in the room."

Elephant? As in GOP elephant, Obama? I can't believe it. It's one thing to pass the plate around so-to-speak. It's another thing alltogether to accuse CT state Democrats who are expressing legitimate dissent, "elephants." Joe played a nasty trick with Obama at this dinner as far as I'm concerned. And all this after Lieberman stabbed Obama in the back . But hey, if Obama wants to play masochistic sockpuppet, he should confine his act to a closet, and not act holier than thou at CT Dem fundraiser.
Uh, I don't know, I think that could be interpreted as him calling Joe the "elephant" in the room. Interesting word choice, that's to be sure.
A fruedian slip, unintentional but funny nonetheless.

Simple formula now: Joe goes out in public, Lamont gains support.
Obama Votes Nay
Here's what someone else posted on another blog. Perhaps it can clarify the senator's position.

Obama has been supporting Joe with his PAC all along - here's Obama's list:

Barack's PAC is named the "Hopefund" and has raised half a million for the 06 senate campaigns of the selected candidates:
Senator Daniel K Akaka (Hawaii)
Senator Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico)
Senator Robert C Byrd (West Virginia)
Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington)
Senator Thomas R Carper (Delaware)
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (New York)
Senator Kent Conrad (North Dakota)
Senator Dianne Feinstein (California)
Senator Edward M Kennedy (Massachusetts)
Senator Herb Kohl (Wisconsin)
Senator Joe Lieberman (Connecticut)
Senator Ben Nelson (Nebraska)
Senator Bill Nelson (Florida)
Senator Debbie Stabenow (Michigan)

Hopefund! Hopefund! Sen. Obama makes it sound like contributors are giving to needy children.
And just what is it we are "hoping" for? eh? Money! So we can stay in office and take money from pharmaceutical companies after we write some hopelessly depraved bills that screw senior citizens over. Hopefund, yeah!
Somebody needs to clue Senator Joe and Senator Obama in. Bipartisanship does not mean working for the good of the country. It means ripping off seniors and being o.k. with spying on the Seattle Raging Grannies. See Patriot Boy March24
You bad mouth, simplistict-minded bloggoes, need to get a life. The phrase, "an elephant in the room" is used to indicate there is a problem in a community that everyone is ignoring, to their own peril. You are so hate-filled, yes just like the right wingnuts, that you never stop, apparently, to check out the powers of your observations. For instance, before spouting off, did any of you check out with Sen. Obama what he meant? I'll bet you did'nt. You just knee-jerkingly and simply-mindedly reacted. That's why, for all your intelligence you are just as simple and empty as the right-wingnuts. Get a life!! DKees
Umm. Are people here really this culturally illiterate?

An "elephant in the room" is just a common expression for something obvious that everyone sees but doesn't mention.

It doesn't refer to anything in this context besides the fact of disagreement that some were absurdly trying to pretend didn't exist.

It's true, we "simplistict-minded bloggoes" are completely unaware of one of the most common of English idioms.

We certainly don't possess the skill needed to quote a speaker's words and point out one hilarious, if possibly unintentional, interpretation of those words.

And, worse, we have zero capacity for sarcasm. It's truly shameful.

I collectively apologize for the entire "bloggoesphere."
i agree with "third party". techno-literate folks are the last to appreciate any kind of word play, never mind initiate it. historically, the internets have been no place for sarcasm or wordplay.

btw, is the bloggoesphere anything like the potatoesphere? just wondering, without any sarcasm or guile whatsoever.
It was definitely intended. Obama is too smart for it not to be.
Overlooked in all this is that in the very same speech, Obama said that Lieberman had a "keen intellect." How dare Obama praise Lieberman's conservatism with this obvious comparison of Lieberman's thinking to Republican 9/11 commission chair Tom Kean!
fuck joe yellow pants, and barrack too, if he supports him. we need leaders willing to stand up for what is right, not sycophants kneeling before Zod.
Why are Democrats supporting a Pro-war guys like Joe Lieberman?
Cool. Lieberapologists now comng here as well. It must rankle that the dear Senator who is supposed to engender so much respect is the butt of so many jokes lately.

"They're not going to take my internship with Joe away, are they?"

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