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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Bad News for Bush's Favorite Democrat

The new Survey USA poll puts Bush at 27% approval / 69% disapproval in Connecticut.

Among Connecticut Democrats, he gets 7% approval / 91% disapproval.

Both are all time lows.

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good job lamontblog!
I'd like to see the Quinnipiac Poll come out wih something new; their February Lamont vs. Lieberman Poll is so archaic, the one that showed Lieberman at 69% and Lamont at 15%; so much has happened since then, and yet this poll keeps being cited.

I am wondering if the Quinnipiac Poll people have a bad case of "Lieberman love."
More specifically, Quinnipiac now needs to do a new 3-way poll of Lieberman, Lamont, and Schlesinger.
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