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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tuesday Morning Roundup

I have video from Ned's appearance at the New Britain DTC last night up at the Ned Lamont Resource, for anyone who's interested.

A little bit about that Joe supporter...

One person who I believe is a member of the NB DTC spoke about how Ed and Keith were ushered out of a Lieberman meeting on April 9th. He also spoke about a questioner who was basically shouted down by others in the room. This incident caused this NB DTC member to say he was embarrassed to be a Democrat. (Ed is the man holding the sign which reads "Please rule out an independent run," in this video from the April 9 meeting).

At this point, a visitor and member of the Farmington DTC (the unidentified Joe supporter) spoke up in disagreement. He said that Ed (who was in attendance last night) has been following Joe around the state and stirring things up. I stuck around...and before I left, this unidentified Joe supporter had actually apologized to Ed.
How can Ed follow Joe around the state when he doesn't hold public meetings?

Joe has had one public outing so far this year, and Ed showed up to ask politely him a very pertinent question: Are you committed to the CT Democratic Party, and to our Primary.

The answer was, um, no. Joe has once again put himself before the Party as is threatening to wreck our fall chances. All because he is so damn arrogant. fwiw.
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