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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Lieberman Turns Down Debate With Lamont

Sen. Lieberman turned down an invitation to debate Ned Lamont on WPKN (via spazeboy at My Left Nutmeg):

We tried to arrange a radio debate between incumbent Senator Lieberman and his challenger for the Democractic nomination, Ned Lamont. The Lamont campaign accepted our invitation. On Friday, April 14th, we received the following response from Sean Smith, Lieberman's campaign manager:

Our campaign is focused on winning over delegates to the State Democratic convention on May 20. We anticipate being the endorsed Democratic candidate for Senate coming out of that convention. If our opponent petitions to challenge us in a primary, then we will enter into debate negotiations with his campaign at that time. Until then, we are focused on securing the necessary delegates to be the Democratic nominee for Senate.

Chicken Joe
Well, I can't say I'm surprised at Lieberman's response. He has absolutely nothing to gain at this point by accepting an invitation to debate Ned Lamont, but plenty to lose...especially if Ned makes him sweat like Nixon debating Kennedy in the 1960 campaign.

Joe's people did leave the door open for a debate if there is a valid primary challenge, so it might happen sometime between late May and early August.

Until then, we can all continue working on this netroots/grassroots campaign, and spread the word about Ned.
"Joe Klein reminds me a lot of Joe Lieberman. Both are men who cannot face what they have become, and so they turn inward, angry, petulant, and megalomaniacal. The internet is not kind to these people, but then, they have caused a horrific amount of damage."

Joe Klein Tries to Evolve
by Matt Stoller, Sun Apr 16, 2006 at 10:07:58 PM EST
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