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Saturday, April 15, 2006


FEC Numbers

First Quarter:

Ned Lamont: $712,611 ($371,500 from his own funds.)
Joe Lieberman: $947,356

Two things to keep in mind. One, Lamont only declared his candidacy in March, so this represents significantly less than a full quarter for him. Two, aside from the apx. $180,000 raised online via ActBlue, there hasn't been much focus at all on fundraising from the campaign yet. That will be changing:

Tom Swan, the campaign manager for Lamont, said the first-quarter results are enough to establish Lamont as a credible challenger. He is spending next week networking with national progressives, cultivating contacts who can help raise money.

Lamont will not win this race because of money, especially having sworn off lobbyist donations, but he will raise enough to get his message out to Democratic voters before August. Lieberman will outraise and outspend Lamont.
I think you are on point that we are not going to win by outraising or outspending Lieberman. We will win by having a better message and by getting more people talking to their friends about that message.

I've written more about this in a general manner on my personal blog.
..not to mention a far better candidate and man. One not beholden to a dangerous and reckless foreign policy or corporate lobbyists.
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