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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Delegate News

The "hot rumor" out of the Branford DTC meeting was that half of New Haven's 69 delegates were going to Lamont, according to BranfordBoy at MLN.

Meanwhile it surprisingly appears that Manchester, a town which overwhelmingly passed a censure of Sen. Lieberman for his unconditional support of the Bush Administration on Iraq back in January, may now be planning on supporting Joe at the convention.

At the same time, it's telling that a prospective 17-10 split for Lieberman is actually being called "good news" for his campaign at this point. As are quotes like this one:

Nevertheless, [Town Chairman Ted] Cummings said, Lieberman shouldn't take Manchester's support for granted and the town committee should send its message clearly. He urged the delegates to split their votes 17-10 for Lieberman.

"We have our self-respect to come to grips with," Cummings said. "Joe Lieberman ought to have to work."

Still, when it comes to backing Lamont, Cummings said he's not willing to risk losing a Democratic seat in the Senate based solely on principle: "I'm willing to be Joe Hypocrite all over the place ... because of the greater good."

Many Democrats in the state obviously prefer Lamont but are having second thoughts about "risking a safe seat." As Ned likes to say, Connecticut is a blue state, and they won't be losing a senator, they'll be gaining a Democrat.

It's important for all to come to grips with the fact that the GOP will not put up any serious competition in November. Alan Schlesinger, the state GOP's preferred candidate, is only slightly less of a complete joke than Paul Streitz.

Voting for Ned Lamont at the convention or in August will not endanger this safe Democratic seat in November. Joe Lieberman will be the one who endangers the seat if he decides to leave the party to run as an Independent.

Update: Welcome, Eschatonians. If you're just checking out LamontBlog for the first time, be sure to visit the official campaign site as well as these other unofficial local sites doing an excellent job covering the campaign: ConnecticutBlog, Ned Lamont Resource, and My Left Nutmeg. See the blogroll on the left for more.

If you live in Connecticut, the petition drive will kick off next Wednesday, April 26th, in towns across the state. There will be a petition drive for signatures regardless of how the delegate count looks.
I address the following question/action item to anyone in Manchester who can acquire special insight into the Manchester DTC, something like my special insight into the Hartford DTC, which is packed with financially-dependent cronies of the pro-Lieberman Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, a situation which I detail in a different thread on this same blog.

What is going on with the Manchester DTC? Does an Eddie Perez-type control them in the shadows?

All the pro-Lamont blogs should put out an all-points-bulletin to find someone from Manchester who can give us the inside story on the schizoid-like behavior of the Manchester DTC.

FYI, here is how I learned the inside story of the pro-Lieberman Perez manipulations of the Hartford DTC; I spoke extensively with 2 pro-Lamont, anti-Perez/anti-Lieberman members of the Hartford DTC who are my DTC representatives.

Now, can anybody do that in Manchester as well, and then report the Manchester DTC inside story to the blogosphere?

Something just does not add up at all with the Manchester DTC, for them to be so opposed to the Bush Iraq disaster, and yet seem to be so happy with Lieberman.

Methinks somebody owns somebody here.
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