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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Et tu, Dodd?

I somehow missed this bit in Kevin Rennie's column over the weekend:

It hasn't taken Lamont long to unnerve the Democratic establishment. Dodd, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and ultimate party loyalist, refuses to give an unqualified answer to whether he will support the Democratic nominee, no matter who it is.

Chris Dodd, that "ultimate party loyalist," won't commit to the lowest bar of loyalty - supporting the party's candidate in November. Need any more evidence that Lieberman is planning on cutting and running from the party?

As unacceptable as it is for Sen. Lieberman to refuse to say whether he will support the Democrat in November, it's equally unacceptable for Sen. Dodd to do so.

Ask Sen. Dodd why he won't commit to supporting the Democratic party's candidate for senate in November:

Washington Office: (202) 224-2823
Connecticut Office: (860) 258-6940

(HT: LarryInNYC.)
I just called Dodd's Connecticut office. A staffer there DID say that Dodd would support the winner of the Democratic primary.

However, she refused to answer questions about whether Dodd would support Lieberman if he ran as an independent or as a Republican. She said that just wasn't going to happen and that they hadn't heard anything about a non-Dem run by Lieberman.

So what's going on?
Hi all from Germany,

I would like to know if Ned has already announced how he would behave if Lieberman won the primary and would be the Democratic candidate in November. Any statements?

Just curious,

Urs- Lamont's campaign manager has said that Ned will support the Democratic nominee in November.
Thanks for the speedy reply!
Thanks for the speedy reply!

Item #1. I called Senator Dodd's office yesterday, and I told them that Dodd should do just as the Lamont campaign has already done, ie, Dodd should publically declare NOW that he will support whomever the Connecticut Democratic Party rank-and-file selects in a primary to represent them as senator in 2006. I also told them that it would be outrageous for Dodd to support an independent Lieberman candidacy should Lamont win the state Democratic primary, since such support for Lieberman by Dodd would blatantly contradict the will of the Connecticut Democratic Party rank-and-file, as expressed so democratically via a primary.

Item #2. Separately, last weekend I talked with someone who personally attended the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner, and judging from how this dinner attendee described this event to me, it was even worse there for Lieberman than has been blogged about thus far.

This JJB dinner attendee that I spoke with agreed that the applause (tepid applause) for Lieberman came from about 70% of the dinner audience while the boos for Lieberman came from about 30% of the dinner audience, but the way this attendee described it to me and what I did not know was that not only was the ENTIRE audience generally eating and talking amongst themselves while Lieberman was up on stage speaking, but people in the dinner audience were actually getting up and walking all around, as if no one was even speaking up on stage at all, and this happened for the entire duration while Lieberman was speaking on stage, and Lieberman talked for a considerable amount of time on stage.

Can you visualize this? Lieberman is up on the stage podium talking away for a long time, while the entire dinner audience is eating and talking AND WALKING AROUND, as if no one was even up on stage speaking at all, that is exactly how this dinner attendee described it to me.

In contrast, this attendee then told me that when Obama was speaking at this same dinner, you could hear a pin drop, ie, as the dinner attendee described it, the audience attentiveness levels for Lieberman versus Obama at this dinner was as different as night and day.

So, it was not a generally rude dinner audience that we are talking about here, but rather an audience THAT WAS BEING DELIBERATELY RUDE JUST TO LIEBERMAN.


Remember back in 2004, when Lieberman was running in the 2004 Democratic presidential race? Lieberman chose a very interesting time to drop out of that race, dropping out of that race just before his own native son state of Connecticut was to hold its own 2004 Democratic presidential primary.

So, why didn't Lieberman stay in the 2004 Democratic presidential race at least thru the 2004 Connecticut Democratic presidential primary to participate in the Connecticut Democratic presidential primary as Connecticut's native son candidate, and bask in the glow of all the love & support that a native son candidate typically gets from his home state?

I'll tell you why Lieberman dropped out back then when he did; BACK IN 2004, LIEBERMAN REALIZED THAT HE WAS ALREADY DOGMEAT WITH THE TYPE OF PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT THAT VOTES IN PRIMARIES DUE TO HIS PRO-WAR STANCE, and Lieberman back then was afraid of losing in the 2004 Connecticut Democratic presidential primary and thus being profoundly embarassed in his own native son state, so he dropped out just before Connecticut held its own 2004 Democratic presidential primary, to avoid such embarassment.

So, you can imagine how scared Lieberman is NOW of running in the 2006 Connecticut Democratic primary against Lamont, as Lieberman's stock among the primary-participating progressive Democrats has only gotten worse since 2004, MUCH worse!


Are you a Hartford citizen for Lamont? If yes, please reply right here, because we have to publically discuss (ie, publically put some light on) how Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, who has already publically pledged his support for Lieberman, appears to be in a position to be able to coerce a significant number of Hartford delegates into supporting Lieberman at the Democratic state convention, even against the will of the citizens of Hartford who may want their convention delegates to support Lamont instead.

I have been told by those in-the-know that Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has loaded the Hartford Democratic Town Committee with employees of the City of Hartford and contractors to the City of Hartford, which therefore means that there are members of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee, who will also be Hartford's delegates to the Democratic state convention, who are dependent upon Lieberman supporter Mayor Perez for their financial livelihood.

We need to put some public blog discussion light and heat on this situation NOW, in advance of the CT Democratic state convention, so that the Hartford Democratic Town Committee delegates attending the state Democratic convention will all know in advance going into the convention that they will be held accountable BY US to vote the political preferences of the citizens of Hartford, and not the political preference of the Mayor of Hartford!

Let's discuss strategy!
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