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Friday, April 14, 2006


Friday News Round-Up

A lot happening today already, and it's only 9am:

From today's Hartford Courant:

Ex-Mayor, Legislator From Derby To Announce Run For U.S. Senate


Former Derby Mayor Alan Schlesinger will enter the U.S. Senate race Monday, seeking the Republican nomination and setting the stage for a potential battle against incumbent U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in November.

Schlesinger, who won six elections for the state legislature and two for mayor, predicted Thursday that Democratic challenger Ned Lamont would defeat Lieberman in a Democratic primary in August, setting up a possible three-way race in November. The reason for the prediction, Schlesinger said, is "history" - meaning that Democrats in Connecticut have traditionally chosen the more liberal candidate in primaries.

"This is the party that brought you [former gubernatorial contender Bill] Curry twice and is totally upset with Lieberman over Iraq," Schlesinger said. "Lamont will be coming at him from the left, and I will come at him from the right."

What can I say but YIPPIE!!

Schlesinger appears to be a serious GOP candidate & contender who can tap deeply into the pool of pro-bush CT repubs that Lieberman has been playing to and that Lieberman had counted on to win in November.

I'd say that Lieberman has just lost about 50% of the voter base that he had counted on to win in November.



This is Joe Lieberman's worst nightmare come true, with him now facing viable contenders on both the left and the right, squeezing Lieberman's moderate wishy-washy repub-lite turf where Lieberman likes to maneuver into a very narrow sliver of a space.

And I have a confession to make; while a Lamont victory in Nov is my first choice, I would be almost as happy with a Schlesinger victory as well, that is how much I hate Lieberman.

My first priority is to get Lieberman out of CT politics; I want to see Lieberman severely politically punished & humiliated in a way that resonates with him for the rest of his life.
I think you're right about Senator Hagel being one of the few that could turn it around.
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