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Friday, May 19, 2006


Convention Live Thread 1

(Newest updates at top.)

7:18PM: Fabrizi speaking. Some more reports for the floor indicate that at the cheering/booing for Lamont was at least 50/50. Check out the official blog, Tim has more pictures. Next update will be in a new thread.

7:13PM: Dodd still speaking. Mentions veterans. Crowd erupts in a chant of "BRING THEM HOME!" Dodd changes subject to stop chants. Introduces John Fabrizi, mayor of Bridgeport to second the nomination. This is the same guy who said of Bush's visit to his city in April, "It's an absolute honor for the president to visit our hometown. I'm excited and I'm elated."

7:02PM: Dodd is nominating Joementum. His voice is hoarse. Joe's name is mentioned to what sounds like a chorus of boos. Surprisingly he's sounding somewhat conciliatory: "I welcome the debate in our party."

6:58PM: BranfordBoy calls in with a report: he's hearing that the Hartford delegation has been released to vote freely tonight. This could possibly mean an extra 15-20 votes for Ned that were not expected earlier!

6:53PM: The crowd erupts as Medina finishes his speech. "Ned! Ned! Ned!" Annie Lamont, Ned's wife, is now speaking. Scratchy picture of crowd's reaction:

6:45PM: And the nominations for U.S. Senate begin... Max Medina of the Bridgeport board of ed. is speaking, officially nominating Ned Lamont. "Ned Lamont belives it was wrong for Bush and the Senate to intervene in the final days of Terri Schiavo's life." Getting at least half cheers from the crowd it seems. Mentions Iraq, Alito, gay rights... Someone cuts his mike... nice try, Joe! "Ned knows that we are at our best... when we stand up for what we believe."

6:33PM: Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez speaking. Big Lieberman sticker on his lapel. This is moving along at quite a clip so far, hope no Lamont delegates got stuck in traffic.

6:25PM: Nancy DiNardo speaking. Mentions GOP failures on federal and state level. Focusing a lot of fire on Rell. No mention of the biggest GOP failure of all: Iraq. Do you need any more reason why Lamont needs to lead CT Dems in November with a clear voice? Credentials committee is now reporting. The challenge to the Hartford delegation has been withdrawn and Perez's delegation has been seated. More procedural votes now.

6:16PM: Convention called to order by Nancy DiNardo. People still milling around the hall. Danbury ROTC leads Pledge of Allegiance. (No... not allegiance to Joe. That one comes later, I think...). Then the National Anthem (in English!)
This is GREAT!!!! Thank you so much for the details and the pic. I can't get the CT-N stream to work at all, so I'm depending on you! :-)

This photo is pretty emblematic -- enthusiastic Lamont volunteers on the sidelines, while complacent Lieberman people sit on their asses.
Hey, I finally got the feed to work -- it won't work in Firefox.

I hear a lot of chanting while Dodd is speaking...I hope people won't boo Dodd (that could really turn off people who are still considering Lamont)
Totally uncool for Fabrizi to say that it is "shortsighted and naive" for people to critize Lieberman for being in Baghdad so often...
Maybe if he were sober he'd have more tact. ;)
I can't stand thundersticks
Darboy - HA! :-)

Dumb question - what are thundersticks? Those tall signs?
So what's the process...when do the delegates state their preferences?

BTW, "Soul Man" for Lieberman is HILARIOUS!!!!!!
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