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Friday, May 19, 2006


Convention Live Thread 2

(Newest updates at top.)

8:06PM: My count is 129 for the 2nd CD. Three more districts to go, including Ned's home district, the 4th.

I'm calling it: Ned has the votes! He's on the ballot!

8:02PM: Ned is getting at least some votes in almost every small town. Vernon 9-4 for Lamont.

7:57PM: Mansfield goes 10-0 for Lamont. New London 6-5 Lamont. So far, a very good showing for Lamont.

7:48PM: Ashford 3-0 for Lamont - more cheers. Canterbury 2-0 for Lamont. Nice to see some shutouts here. Columbia 2-1 Lieberman (and this is Edith Prague's hometown). Coventry 5-1 Lamont. I'm gonna stop with the town-by town unless it's someting big.

7:43PM: West Hartford 25-14 for Lieberman. Winchester 3-2 for Lamont. Windsor 13-4 for Lamont - big cheer from the crowd.

So far my count is 96 votes for Lamont from the first CD. On to the 2nd.

7:38PM: Hartford: 43-11 for Lieberman. Manchester 20-7 for Lieberman. Someone tries to vote for "John Stefano." New Hartford 3-0 Lamont.

7:34PM: First two votes go to Lamont! So far most delegations are splitting their votes. East Granby goes Lamont 3-0. Glastonbury 9-8 for Lieberman. Granby 5-1 Lieberman Lamont.

7:32PM: Nancy DiNardo does her best schoolmarm impresseion and tells the crowd to sit down and shut up or she'll kick everyone but the delegates out.

Rules: when called upoin by secretary each chair shall anounce total vote of his or her own town delegation, then file with sec. of conv. duly certified record of the vote of each member. Order of voting by Congressional district. Each delegation may elect to pass once, but onlly once. and must do so before it's CD is closed. At end of roll call for all CDs, the chairs shall return by CD to offer any delegation the opportunity to change their vote.

So this will not be final until the last minute.

The Roll call vote begins with 1st CD.
Hartford: 43-11 for Lieberman.

that is 5 better for Lamont than I thought -
how many total delegates are there?
1,600-something I think.
From MyDD:

"There are 1,607 delegates, so 15% is 242."

i am listning to the live audio.. sounds like ned is at least above 15%.. anyone doing a tally?

Ned is in! According to Scarce, Lamont has just gone over the 200 delegate threshold.
Do you have an updated total? 96 votes from the first CD is a fairly strong showing for Lamont and there are quite a few towns left... he's well over half way there.

Go Ned!
Looks like Lamont and team crushed, I mean CRUSHED, expectations.

Third party,

Have you got the count for Sherman, Kent and New Milford??
I hope these results will prove to Mr. Lamont that it's time to start spending some of his wealth.

He's got it to spend. Start writing checks.
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