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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Dodd vs. Lieberman

Here's a graph comparing the support of Connecticut's Democratic senator to that of the state's other senator, as discussed in this earlier post (blue is approval, red is disapproval):

Dodd vs. Lieberman graph

Republicans, conservatives, and pro-lifers all give Dodd negative approval ratings. But they are Lieberman's most ardent supporters. (As highlighted in yellow.)

Liberals give Lieberman a negative approval rating. But, along with Democrats as a whole, they are among Dodd's most ardent supporters. (As highlighted in green.)

Connecticut has one senator whose base of support is Republican, conservative, and pro-life, and another whose base of support is Democratic, liberal, and pro-choice.

Connecticut has one senator who has never hinted of leaving the party, and another who repeatedly refuses to rule out doing so.

Connecticut has one Democratic senator, and one other senator.
I would have to disagree and say that neither is democratic. It's just that Dodd hasen't made the news, yet, as he's not high enough profile (maybe in 2008?). He supported the Patriot Act renewal, and big business in general. I wrote to him asking him to put a stop to random lawsuits by the record companies, and he responded that it's their right to terrorize individuals (not his exact words).
With Lieberman about to get his 'behind' handed to him and Dodd throwing his hat in the ring for a presidential run, the big question is: WHO'S MINDING THE STATE?

Everything in CT is inflated. It seems to be the most costly state in America in which to live. Should this make us proud? Jobs are at a minimum -- all the while big corporations talking like they hire everyday. They don't. And the few that do hire, don't pay a living wage.

We in CT are overtaxed, overburdened and tired of the big talking game the governing class is giving us. Not even the roads-systems work. Gridlock prevails.

There are two classes in CT -- the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. We have become too republican in behavior and outlook.

Where, oh where, did democratic CT go?
Both are rather dreadful, in my opinion.

Could you find any more antigay Democrat than Lieberman? I think not.

Dodd, well that's a whole other discussion.
I realize this post comes off as kind of an endorsment of Dodd, which wasn't my inention. Dodd is by no means my favorite senator. But he is a committed Democrat, for the most part.

And I'm amazed at the level of pro-life support Joe receives for being a "pro-choice" politician.
Basically, this graph shows that Joe Lieberman is popular with everyone. Every group approves of him more than disaproves.

Whats wrong with that?

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