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Friday, May 26, 2006


Joe Goes Negative?

Smearing Ned now would be pretty desperate, but we'll see...

In the meantime, remember what Joe once had to say about his opponent using some minor votes from decades ago in "technically accurate" attack ads:

At that point, Weicker stopped ignoring me. He hit back with a barrage of attack commercials, portraying
me the same way Larry DeNardis had back in 1980 - as a big-taxing big spender. One of those ads was technically accurate but didn't mention that the tax votes cited were cast seventeen years earlier, in 1971.

What else is new? Joe's desperate. Anyone got any footage or transcripts from the neocon gala for Joe last night?? That would make a GREAT commercial.
What was negative? No reference/

I heard something extraordinary yesterday.

One of my sources in Washington told me via email that even Bush was going sour on nominating Joementum to replace Rumsfeld when he retires at year's end.

Can you image? Being Defense Secretary is Lieberman's ace-in-the-hole, should this senate thing not pan out.

No wonder Old Joe is so nasty of late.

Desperation politics.

Sorry Joe, Ct voters aren't going to like you more by misreprenting your opponent's record from 15 years ago.

What I don't get is why Lieberman's campaign strategy has consistently been to make him (Joe) seem weak and defensive. Are they trying to rewrite incumbent political campaign strategy 101?
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