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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Joe Channels Rove

So word is Lieberman is sending an attack mailer out on Lamont, claiming some minor votes he made back as an official in Greenwich many years ago prove he "isn't the kind of Democrat he wants you to think he is."

Does Lieberman, best friend to Republicans everywhere, who ran to the right of Lowell Weicker in 1988 and refuses to rule out running as an independent in 2006, really expect Democrats in his state to fall for this garbage?

It's pure Rove, when you think about it. Got a candidate who went AWOL during Vietnam running against a decorated war hero? Attack him on his military service. Got a candidate who has sided with right-wingers and refuses to rule out leaving the Democratic party running against a real Democrat? Attack him on his party loyalty.

Joe's lack of respect for the intelligence of Connecticut Democrats knows no depths.
I haven't seen Joe's attack ad yet, but from what I hear, Ned is being criticized for being fiscally responsible. Given Ned's opposition to the fiscal irresponsiblity of the war in Iraq, the fiscal irresponsibility of the bridge to nowhere, and the fiscal irresponsibility of the energy bill that Lieberman voted for, maybe, just maybe Ned is the sort of Democrat that some of us think he is and have been searching for.
One of the criticisms that's already out there on Ned from Joe's camp is the idea that it's out of staters who are interfering. A cursory glance at FEC data for latest filing suggests that Ned's got a lot more in state donors than Joe as a percentage of total donors.

Has anyone taken the data and created an excel table to determine the answer to this question definitively.

It would be quite handy to have those facts at the ready when this spurrious charge gets made.
Please, pleeeeeeeeease make this an issue, Mr. Lamont!

Voters in Connecticut must be made aware of this tactic.
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