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Monday, May 08, 2006


Joe Accosted by Former Supporter on CNN

CNN finally ran the piece today that they had taped last Friday (YouTube up at Ned Lamont Resource).

The interview with Ned turned out to be the sideshow, as Joe ran into some trouble immediately. Apparently he can't even make his usual useless "diner stops" anymore without a pesky constituent wanting to ask him a real question:

Joe on CNNJoe on CNN

LIEBERMAN [singing to kid in diner]: Happy Birthday to you...

MARY SNOW: It looked like a typical campaign stop for Senator Joseph Lieberman in his hometown of New Haven, CT. But moments later, a dramatic change in mood when a woman claiming to be a former supporter confronted the senator as we finished an interview.

WOMAN: Why are you betraying your voters?

LIEBERMAN [whining]: I'm not! [Points at her.]

WOMAN: Yes you are!

LIEBERMAN: Look at my record!...

I love the first still: it's pure "talk to the hand" Joe. The same attitude he's shown his constituents for years.

You can see why the man is scared to appear in public in his own state.
Did she sign a petition?
"Talk to the hand Joe", perfect!

He doesn't want to hear it, so he waves the distraction away.
Obviously an angry leftist. Better go check out her recent library borrowings, eh Joe?

CNN sux btw.
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