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Monday, May 08, 2006


Monday Morning Round-Up

When did < 15 become a horde?
Around the same time they invented "sarcasm."

Bush Job Approval Down to 31%!

-only 3 points from Nixon's before he resigned! Please, please Mr. Lamont, use these numbers to destroy Bush's favorite Democrat!

SOURCE: USAToday/Gallup
Today's J-I documents de facto corporate contributions bundled to Joe Lieberman to reward him in his role in the:

Homeland Security & Govt Affairs committee
Executives at ChoicePoint Inc. - which bought the company whose list Florida officials used to prevent thousands from voting in the 2000 presidential election - were among the biggest contributors to U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's re-election campaign from January to March, records show.

Senate's Armed Forces Committee
...General Dynamics Corp. and its Groton-based subsidiary, Electric Boat, and by Northrop Grumman, whose Norden Systems division is based in Groton. They show that 41 individuals who listed General Dynamics or Electric Boat as their employer gave the senator a total of $13,050, while 11 employed by Northrop Grumman gave a total of $3,500.

Environment and Public Works Committee
...officials and employees at Dominion Resources Inc., the Virginia-based gas and electric utility holding company that owns the Millstone nuclear station in Waterford, and from Berlin-based Northeast Utilities and its Connecticut Light & Power division.

Lieberman's previous campaign finance reports showed that he collected $10,000 in contributions from four top executives and the corporate PAC at Southwest Airlines three months after he sponsored a bill to lift restrictions on the Texas airport where the company is based.

Last summer, the senator also reported a bundle of $51,000 in contributions from dozens of officials at Tennessee-based Guardsmark LLC, one of the nation's largest private security firms. He had co-sponsored a bill requiring the FBI to help companies like Guardsmark two years earlier.

Ah, public service can be rewarding.
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