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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Joe on "Technically Accurate" Attacks

Via a great catch by OrangeTownBlueDem, we find that Joe had a different view on "technically accurate" political attacks as recently as 2000. From his book In Praise of Public Life (available for $0.01 at Amazon.com!) comes this condemnation on p. 88 of misleading attacks that are based on votes dug up from decades ago (sound familiar?):

At that point, Weicker stopped ignoring me. He hit back with a barrage of attack commercials, portraying me the same way Larry DeNardis had back in 1980 - as a big-taxing big spender. One of those ads was technically accurate but didn't mention that the tax votes cited were cast seventeen years earlier, in 1971.

The Hotline apparently mentioned the controversy surrounding Joe's Rovian tactics this morning. Also mentioned was Ari Melber's Huffington Post post on Joe's refusal to interview with bloggers and how it reflects his cynical and patronizing definition of "dialogue" with constituents:

No one denies the progressive bloggers' impact on the Lieberman race. The press reports it, the campaign acknowledges it, and Lieberman's rhetorical olive branches are popping up on television and computer screens across Connecticut. But empty references to dialogue won't cut it. Lieberman is in a Democratic primary, and he must make his case to Democrats.

Politics is about representation. Who votes for us in Congress, who represents us in policy decisions and who speaks on our behalf - be it on behalf of our state, our party, or our country. The netroots have added voices to this debate, and its time for our political leaders to catch up.

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