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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Press Conference

Paul Bass has a good write-up at the New Haven Independent. Sounds like Ned emerged from his first trial-by-fire without too many scars.

He challenged Lieberman to a spending cap, to which Joe's campaign hemmed and hawed:

Contacted afterwards, Lieberman spokesman Sean Smith said, "We'll talk about debates later. We're certainly anticipating entering into discussions with their campaign on the debate issue. I expect voters to see the two candidates together."

Smith also responded to the proposed cap on raising and spending money.

"Look," he said. "We're open to thinking about this proposal. It would have to include personal contribution limits, too."

"That's them trying to make an issue of Ned giving money instead of all the money they've taken from Republican lobbyists," countered Lamont manager Swan. But, Swan said, "I'll take them up on. They've already raised $7 million. Let's cap spending right there."

Sounds like a generous deal to offer Lieberman in order to get him to stop his whining about Ned's finances.

Joe after all campaigned for multimillionaire self-funding candidates in 2000 and wrote in his book that "There is nothing wrong with going after your opponent’s voting record or any other evidence of negligence in his public life, but digging into his bank account... is wrong."

Bass also points out the biggest difference between the two candidates so far - one says he is now and will remain a Democrat, the other will say no such thing:

The most striking difference between the two press conferences: Lieberman wouldn't commit to supporting the Democratic candidate in November. He's leaving open the possibility of running as an independent if Lamont wins the primary. Lamont Wednesday promised to support Lieberman if Lieberman wins.

When is Joe gonna debate?! I dunno if this whole "I'm the establishment guy you can trust me" thing is working out well for him, the more he shuts up the more votes he loses. But then again, I wouldn't want to debate Ned either knowing that I'd look like a completely fool and lapdog to a whole state of Democrats.

Let's get that debate soon...if we get one, that's priceless, if we get two, that would be ALL OVER national tv. Joe isn't really a Democrat obviously...exposing that to voters might actually wake them up...
Three easy questions for Joe:

1. What is the cost of a cab ride from St Francis to Hartford Hospital?

2. What is the monthly rate for a cell phone in Bagdad?

3. What does it cost to get a letters written from three Senators and mailed to 1607 delegates? (Was it PAC Money or did you trade in some Votes?)
Ned also had a very good interview with Brian Lehrer on WNYC Wednesday.
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