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Thursday, May 11, 2006



Arriving now in delegates' mailboxes across Connecticut:

That's some chutzpah coming from an 18-year incumbent who refuses to rule out leaving the Democratic party this year.

(Huge hat tip to Neal at MLN, who has bigger scans posted there so you can read all the scummy fine print.)

Update: The Lamont campaign responds:

A mailing sent by Senator Joseph I. Lieberman to Democratic Town Committee members is a weak attempt to misrepresent Ned Lamont, Lamont’s campaign said today—and shows Lamont is posing a serious threat to the three-term incumbent Senator.

“Evidently Senator Lieberman is Karl Rove’s favorite Democrat, too, because these tactics are the worst kind of smear campaign, not becoming for a former candidate for the Presidency,” said Liz Dupont-Diehl, Lamont’s communications director.

“This is pathetic attempt to divert attention from Senator Lieberman’s record of support for President Bush and avoid the major issues of war, universal health care, and energy independence and the environment,” she added. ”These are the issues we will run on.”

Are these things untrue?
Well let's examine, shall we?

"Ran with Republicans" - in 1993. As a local official in Greenwich. You try finding Democrats in Greenwich. And Joe is not only running with republicans, he is actively endorsed by Republicans: Sean Hannity, William F. Buckley, Chris Shays, etc.

"Voted With Republicans" - Glass Houses. Pot and Kettle. Same as above.

"Hired Republicans" - Hired Lowell Weicker's former chief of staff. Lowell Weicker was still an independent last I heard. And was always more liberal than Joe.

"Resigned from the Democrats" - Resigned from the DEMOCRATIC TOWN COMMITTEE in 1993. Not nearly the same thing. So yes, this one is a flat out lie. And Joe? He's keeping open the option of ACTUALLY resigning from the Democrats in 2006.

"Sided With The Republicans to Cut Funding" - You mean sided with fiscal conservatives to balance a budget in the early 90s? Wow, that's great. Ned's looking better and better compared to George Bush's Favorite Democrat, who has spent $300 Billion on a failed war and given $14.5 Billion to big oil companies.

Untrue? The entire thing is pure bullshit. Or, more accurately, elephant shit.
Thank you.
Its unbelieveable what Joe will do to keep his job, he is so scared of some real work and his loss of power he will try or do anything. When a person reaches this low-point in their career it is self evident that they have been in DC for far too long. It is obvious he has lost touch with his constituency. Time for a change, BTW, I am a registered republican against many of the Bush policies.
It was a couple of years ago that Senator Leiberman was in an uproar over content of PC games, he should worry about the Connecticut tax rate, currently the highest in the country. Where are all of the casino dollars going? Definetly not to our underfunded school system as promised. Another liar.
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