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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Bill Curry Suggests that Joe Jump Ship

In an op-ed in the Courant today, former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Curry all but tells Lieberman to cut and run from the party, somehow arguing that in doing so it will change the tone of the debate:

Reporters love to write about political strategy. Their current obsession is whether Lieberman will limit his options to an increasingly competitive primary or opt for an independent spot on the November ballot, where he still enjoys a wide lead....

Polls say Lieberman leads among likely voters. But if he calls them in early July and finds them not home, he'll likely take out his petitions. It will be an opportunity to move the debate to higher ground and to the issue that gives the race its rationale, the failed, bloody and seemingly endless war in Iraq.

This is not about "political strategy." This is about political loyalty. If Joe won't stay a Democrat, why should any Democrat vote for Joe? And if Joe is willing to leave the party just because he's facing a "inconvenient" primary challenge, to sell out his constituents for his own personal gain, isn't that a warning sign about how he'd act in the senate in the next six years?

Plus Curry's logic is frustratingly circular: Joe refuses to rule out leaving the party, that causes the debate to be about meaningless "strategy," and so in order to fix this problem he should leave the party in order to "move the debate to higher ground." Nevermind that if Joe - like Ned - would simply commit to remaining a Democrat, the debate would immediately move to "higher ground."

This is the most "obsessed" about issue now, because Joe himself has made it so, and continues to make it so.
The article is actually ureadable and you don't what the point of it is,
It amazes me that Joe Lieberman can't bring himself to commit to the Democrats and agree to support the winner of the primary. He's been in DC for too long, and it's corrupted him, to the point where he'll gladly betray the Party that's given him everything in his political career.

It's very sad to see what was once a respectable man of conscience become such an ambitious political animal.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
curry's article was deceptive and he is loaded with conflicts...he has a long time relationship with Lieberman...got money from lieberman in his gov campaign of 2002..his sister has a business which is getting money from lieberman in the primary...and as late as a few months ago Curry was sniffing around the 5th CD as a possible candidate..
There is a comical irony that this comes from Curry, arguably the second worst and least inspiring Democratic candidate of the last decade (following Barbara Kennelly). It's pretty clear that he has never spoken to Lamont or seen him speak.

He criticizes fights over "character," and talks about the lack of substance in this race. This from a former candidate who spent his entire race criticizing Rowland and failing to define himself or offer a positive agenda. When Curry was criticized for doing this, and when polls showed that voters didn't know what he stood for, he continued on with the same strategy. With Roy Occhiogrosso's advice.

Comparing Kevin Rennie's columns and Curry's column demonstrates the difference between a political journalist and a political hack.
There goes my respect for Bill Curry. Speaking of which, has he won a race yet? I've been out of CT politics for a while, but I just remember that Curry just kept losing the races he chose to partake in.
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