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Friday, June 23, 2006


Lieberman to Start Gathering Signatures Soon?

Noted democracy-hater Stuart Rothenberg is just the latest of Joe's D.C. insider friends to float the idea that he will soon start collecting signatures in order to bolt the party:

Many insiders seem to believe that allies of Lieberman will begin a petition drive to get him on the ballot as an Independent sooner rather than later, just in case that’s the only way for him to appear on the ballot in the fall. So even though the Democratic left could score a victory in the primary in August, Lieberman might still have the last laugh in November.

Check out CTBlogger's updated list of Connecticut Democratic officials who have declared that they will support their party and the winner of the primary.

Then sign the petition urging Joe to do the honorable thing and support the primary winner instead of selfishly and cowardly cutting and running from the party.
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