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Friday, June 23, 2006


Fantasy Land

Lies, and the lying senators who tell them:

"In the morning [Lamont] said he was against the Kerry Amendment for an immediate withdrawal," Sen. Lieberman said. "By the end of the day he said he was for it.‚"

As Tim notes, Joe is just making this up. Ned Lamont never said he was against the Kerry amendment.

Maybe it's time for the Senator to put down that copy of the Bush-Cheney 2004 anti-Kerry script he bought from Karl Rove, and start addressing the actual concerns of Connecticut voters. Like, you know, his own disastrous support for Bush's failed Iraq policy.

If he gets any more out-of-touch, he'll be in orbit.

Update: The campaign issues this statement:

“[Lieberman's] efforts to deflect from his record, by misrepresenting Ned’s, is purely Rovian,” said [Tom] Swan. “These tactics, along with his votes, are a strong reminder why he is considered by many to be George Bush’s favorite Democrat. Attacking Ned is an attempt to divert attention from his own record—in support of the war, voting for the Bush/Cheney energy bill, and in support of right-wing judges and other Bush priorities.

Update 2: CTBob poked around Joe's official website looking for a place to express his interest in the senator's position on Iraq. Turns out Iraq is not an issue for Joe. For someone who is so willing to lie about his opponent's position on Iraq, he certainly keeps his own position well-hidden.
Video of John Olsen & George Jepsen on tomorrow's "Beyond the Headlines." Nothing new or terribly interesting, though.
Lieberman is on record for supporting Catholic hospitals' decision to refuse emergency contraception to rape victims. His rationale? That is CT, you are never more than 10 minutes away from a hospital!

In other words, Holy Joe's message to a rape victim is: "Get off the gurney, girl, and drive yourself to the next hospital that will agree to give you emergency contraception." That, of course, assumes that the rape victim is physically and mentally able to get off the gurney.

Holy Joe is a disgrace to the Democratic Party, CT voters, and Americans in general.

May Lamont get the nomination!
Really, such an unethical, immoral politician such as Lieberman has to go.

Lies are the foundation of evil.

Lieberman can kvetch all he wants about TV, and abortion and what-not, but he's a liar.
The Iraq war was sold to the nation by gross fraud and dishonesty. This is destructive of our democracy. Joe evidently isn't particularly bothered by this. I hope Ned asks him about this in the debates, which should put the nail in Joe's coffin.
Lieberman represents the end of what is good about the Democrat party. You're out to sink him and it makes us Republicans so happy.

BTW, I'm sure Lieberman didn't have to buy the anti-Keery script. Anyone with half a brain could have seen the Kerry campaign imploded and any good politico would heed the warning.

Obviously Lamont has not by ingratiating himself to the shady Kos crowd.
Lieberman kissing AWOL was not shady?

The tax cut balloon deficit and the overhaul of FEMA to render it a cripple are two Lieberman highlights as well.

In fact if the clown hadn't tried to impeach to Clinton to get in Gore's good graces he'd already be off the political map entirely.

Instead he pontificates on borrowed time.
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