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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Joe's Position on Iraq: _____

I can't find it on his website. Anywhere. And neither can Google. (There is one measly hit, but it's cached from his old site).

Compare this to Joe's friend Chris Shays, who puts Iraq front-and-center on his website, and has this detailed explanation of his position one click away from the front page.

God knows I don't agree with Shays, but at least he's not trying to pretend Iraq doesn't exist.
When comparing Joe Lieberman to Chris Shays, at least Chris Shays has principles.

I disagree with both on Iraq, which is no surprise because they agree with eachother.

I say that Shays has principles because in Gwen Ifill's 10 minute campaign commercial for Shays/Lieberman, Shays states that he's willing to lose on this issue. Lieberman refuses to rule out running as an independent...which is what he would do if he lost the primary...which he will...all of which was precipitated by his insistence on remaining wrong about Iraq.
Did you read that one google hit?

I did, and it is not as Republicanesque as this website claims.
Colin & Bruce had an interview with (Republican) columnist Kevin Rennie, who thinks Lamont will win.

On the strength of the Lamont & Lieberman organizations:
Joe Lieberman is going to have to hire a lot of people. He has no organization left in CT. In the last six years, he just hasn't been here, and it shows. And in a primary, that makes a difference.

On the impact of Lieberman's claim that he saved Groton sub base:
At the Democratic convention, they repeated over and over again that he had helped save 30,000 jobs at the sub base. And then he proceeded to lose New London's vote when the roll call came around. So I thought he's not getting much leverage out of that.
Iraq isn't carried on JoeTV.

I assume his position on Iraq is the same as it was a couple of years ago when he famously stated on one of the Sunday gasbag programs that opponents "don't know a good war when they see one". Ned, please ask Joe whether he still thinks this is a good war.
Lieberman can "cut and run" but he cannot hide.
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