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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Roll Call: D.C. Insiders to Stump for Lieberman

A lot of news in today's Roll Call article on the race. First is the news that Lieberman, lacking any support in Connecticut whatsoever, is planning to fly in his D.C. insider friends to campaign for him in the coming weeks:

With Lamont mounting a serious challenge, Senate Democrats are making a point of rallying around Lieberman, with many lawmakers expected to travel to the Nutmeg State in the coming weeks. His Senate Democratic colleagues already have donated more than $49,000 since 2004 to his re-election campaign.

“I disagree with Joe on the war, but there are a lot of things we agree on,” one Democratic Senator close to Lieberman said. The lawmaker, who has clashed with Lieberman in the past, nevertheless said that he will travel to Connecticut in the run-up to the primary to campaign for his colleague.

But these same D.C insider Democrats aren't too happy about Joe's desire to bolt the party:

Privately, however, Democrats acknowledge that Lieberman — whose positions on the Iraq war and often close relationship with the Bush administration have rankled many in the party — could force his fellow Senators to choose between backing one of their own and abiding by the wishes of the state’s Democratic voters. Lieberman’s decision to leave the door open to an Independent run has angered many rank-and-file Democratic activists and has added an unwanted wrinkle to Democrats’ long-shot efforts to gain control of the Senate in November.

“Lieberman running as an Independent will do major damage to our party, undoing all the work we have been doing building relationships between Democrats in Washington and the [liberal] base back home,” a senior Democratic aide said, warning that “If the DSCC and the establishment support a Lieberman Independent bid, it would send a message to state parties that they don’t matter anymore. That would be devastating. Lieberman needs to run in the primary, follow the rules, and work hard for a win. Any other option should be off the table.”

Lastly, DiNardo goes on the record saying she would not support a Lieberman (I) bid:

I will be endorsing the Democratic Party candidate, who I anticipate will be Joe Lieberman,” said Nancy DiNardo, the state party chairman.

If these senators won't put their names to the story, how are they going to help out Lieberman?

You can't stump for Joe anonymously.

In any case, DC Insiders, focus on getting rid of the Republicans in the other states. Leave Lieberman to us.
It does seem unlikely that any Democrat who might run for President would want to stump for Lieberman in the primary.
are you kidding me?

you're celebrating the fact that the state chairman is gonna support her own candidate for senate?

give me a break.
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