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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Joementum in June

According to the new SUSA tracking poll, Lieberman's approval/disapproval among Democrats is now in negative territory for the first time ever at 46/50, sinking 10 points since last month:

SUSA June Dems

His approval/disapproval among liberals is down to an astounding 40/56:

SUSA June Liberals
More proof that the more Lieberman has to campaign the less people like him.

The July 6 debate will be the turning point in this race. Lieberman is going to try to knock out Lamont in that debate. I expect Lieberman to treat Lamont with the same contempt that he did Howard Dean. Lamont has to remain cool but assertive in his critique of Lieberman during this debate.
~The party's over........
~It's time to call it a day........
~They've burst your pretty balloon.......
~And taken the moon, away........

Start packing Joe. Rent the Ryder truck. You're going back to CT.
Joementum isn't heading back to CT. He's staying with his friends, in some nice cushy Washington Lobbyist, as their 'Democrat' in residence. Or he'll accept a position in the Bush White House.

Or he'll move to NYC, so he can do snugglebunnies with Hannity and Coulter.
Joe needs to regain the joementum.

I suggest that he make a secret visit to Baghdad. He could improve on Chimpy's performance by strolling outside the Green Zone all by himself to show what his political wisdom is all about. Think of the visuals...Iraqis would demonstrate how much they truly value the democracy that has been waged upon them, and how much they care for the values that ol' Joe emobodies. What a message for CT voters and America.

On second thought, lets not think of the visuals.
Start packing Joe. Rent the Ryder truck. You're going back to CT.

Would that it were so. I'm a DC-area Marylander cheering your effort on from a distance -- even though success on your part almost certainly means that Smokin' Joe will take up permanent residence in my area, shilling for some financial industry front group.

Not too much different from what he does now, really...
-- sglover
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