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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Tuesday Morning Round-Up

"Half the time he accuses me of being too bipartisan when I'm on the board of selectmen in Greenwich"
-Ned Lamont

No, Ned. No one is accusing you of being too "bipartisan" on the board of selectmen.

Joe Lieberman is acccusing you of being a super-rich snobby elitist on the board of selectmen.

If you watched the "Meet Ned Lamont" instead of whining about it you would have learned that.
And if Lieberman's campaign had bothered to show the ad to a focus group before airing it they wouldn't have had to later pull it. Or put the infamous "Bear ad" on the website, for that matter.

But then again, Lieberman's uber petulant, whiny campaign is the single best thing to happen to Lamont's chances by far. Ned owes Joe a big debt of gratitude when he goes off to D.C.
If LieberBlogger could move beyond January 19, 2006 he or she might change his or her mind about Ned Lamont.

This is the most recent (chronological) link on the LieberBlog


Well, there is this link but it doesn't make Joe look like some sort of Democratic hero


My apologies to Thirdparty for engaging the troll on his website. I thought it better to engage him over here than at my own site (which he or she has yet to discover or comment on)
Trying to link Joe Lieberman to the Bridgeport mayor and thence to cocaine is beyond a reach. It's just an absurd non-sequitur and shouldn't even be mentioned here.
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