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Monday, June 19, 2006


"Bipartisan" Joe and the Three-Way Race

(Bumped.) Read this AP summary, and tell me if you think this really sounds like a guy running in a Democratic primary:

''Washington has become much too partisan and that partisanship gets in the way of doing the job that you send us to do,'' Lieberman said.

Lieberman dismissed a question about whether he is taking a risk by boasting about his bipartisanship, especially with the Aug. 8 primary looming and Lamont gaining in the polls though still down by double digits.

''I'm telling the truth,'' he told reporters. ''Whether it's risky or not, I don't know.''

Brave, courageous Joe, sticking his neck out for the good name of "bipartisanship" (i.e. "agreeing 100% with Bush") at such dire political risk to himself. Actually, he's at zero political risk, considering he's pretty much said he will run as an Independent if he loses the Democratic nomination, and given that his base of support in Connecticut is overwhelmingly Republican, conservative, and pro-life. These are exactly the kind of voters he intends to court with statements like the above - voters who cannot vote for Joe in August. It is clear he wants no part of a Democratic primary.

But as long as Joe is running scared from any close race whatsoever, he might want to consider dropping out of the general election too, given the already tightening numbers in a possible three-way race that is sure to get even tighter (Rasmussen, trend from April):

Joseph Lieberman (Ind): 44% (-3)
Ned Lamont (Dem): 29% (+9)
Alan Schlesinger (Rep): 15% (-2)

As Howie suggests, maybe his best move now is to call up the White House and ask for Rummy's job again.
The times used an abridged version of the Haigh piece.

"Washington has become much too partisan and that partisanship gets in the way of doing the job that you send us to do," Lieberman said. "I feel Mr. Lamont, in Washington, would add to the polarization."


Lamont is now the polarizing figure in this topsy-turvy, through-the-looking-glass version of reality.
Well, gee. Joe sure is bi-partisan. I mean, calling voters in your own party jihadists wouldn't be, um, polarizing or anything, right?
It was entertaining watching Ned's news conference with Jepsen on CT-N.

Ned on Joe going independent (paraphrase):
Ned thinks it will divide the Republican vote and make it all the more likely that Ned will win.

On Joe's argument today that Ned will be too partisan:
Joe has to make up his mind - one day Ned is too Republican and the next he's an overly partisan Dem.

Also Colin & Bruce talked to Matt Stoller of MyDD about outsider politics and the race. On Colin's blog, he talks about Stoller's Huffington Post diary on Carter Eskew, who put together the dumb bear ad.
It's nit-picky, but can we agree to use the term "anti-choice" instead of "pro-life"?
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