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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Bill Curry: Joe Will Jump Ship

The noises keep getting louder and louder.

In an interview with Colin McEnroe on WTIC this afternoon (mp3), former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Curry predicted that Joe Lieberman will leave the party rather than face a primary he might lose (hat tip to mikect in the comments):

BILL CURRY: Lieberman has to decide in the next couple of weeks, I would think, whether to file as an independent candidate in order to ensure his best shot at winning, even though I'm sure he sees himself as being ahead. But he's got to picture his own, you know, supporters, scurrying back from the Hamptons or wherever... I mean, who are his people and how likely are they to come?

COLIN McENROE: What do you think? Do you think he is going to stay in the primary and just tough it out?

BILL CURRY: [Pause] No.

COLIN McENROE: I don't either.

BILL CURRY: But it's just a guess. I would guess, in the end, he would weather the considerable flareup that it would cause. And if he is going to do it, I think he'd be better off doing it now than later, and give the thing a chance to settle down...

It would make perfect sense for him. He's made his political career from distancing himself from the Democratic party. I don't see any real reason for him to run as an independent.

UNLESS it's that, as an independent, Lieberman could never do anything "bi-partisan" ever again.

I think it is imperative that we put pressure on all Connecticut Democrats who have endorsed Joe Lieberman -- especially party leaders -- to make a public pledge to support the winner of the August 8 primary.

If Joe Lieberman chooses to pull out because he knows he's going to lose, he needs to know he's going to lose the public support of all Democratic leaders in the state.

Furthermore, we need to push for assurances from Democratic Senate leaders that they will also refuse to support him as an Independent.
I like how Colin framed the question -- will Lieberman tough it out in the primary?

Curry confirmed what we all know -- when the going gets tough, Lieberman quits or leaves.

By leaving the Dem Party, Lieberman, who won the Party's endorsement, will be admitting defeat.

Lieberman is assuming if he goes Indy, that Lamont's campaign will sputter, and he won't have to campaign hard in CT, but I see Lamont keeping the pressure on Lieberman regardless if he stays in the Dem Party or not and tying him to the Repukes, especially the failed policies of the Repukes.

Lamont isn't going away and he'll keep holding Lieberman to account for his enabling of Bush's and Repukes bad policies. Lieberman doesn't get it and that is to our advantage.

I'd be very, very surprised if any Democratic leaders support an independent Lieberman. The reason they support Lieberman is out of a sense of misguided loyalty. If Lieberman leaves the party, all deals are off.

ButI could be wrong. But woe be to any Democratic leader who supports Independent Joe, for our wrath shall be upon them.
Inkadu- and that's the key here. Joe leaving opens up a Pandora's Box not only in the state but in the national party. Curry referred to it as a "considerable flareup" but it will be much worse than that. And it will be Joe's fault, and his fault only.
Joementum "left" the Democratic party years ago.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Lieberman.
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