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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Open Letter to Sean Smith

Dear Sean,

If, as you claimed yesterday, Ned Lamont's candidacy "is supported mostly by out-of-state political activists," then why did 300-400 motivated Connecticut voters show up at today's rally in New Haven at noon on a weekday? Could you get even a quarter as many people to show up for Joe? (Without paying a bunch of college kids, I mean.) MoveOn and DFA have 60,000 members in Connecticut, almost all of them - unlike your candidate - committed Democrats. Only Connecticut members voted on these endorsements - and hell, Jim Dean even lives in Connecticut. Are they suddenly all "out-of-state political activists" because they are on an organization's national email list? Or are you just talking out of your ass again?

And if, as you claim, Joe Lieberman is so "focused on communicating to" Connecticut Democrats, why has your website been mothballed since May 19th? No news happening since then? Where are all of your campaign's "communications" with Connecticut Democrats? Where are the events? Where are the interviews? Where are the rallies and meet-and-greets? Not even one little diner stop? Oh, wait, I forgot. You did communicate with voters - by running a negative ad that backfired so badly that you've decided to stop running it.

You know what would be a good way to start "communicating" with Connecticut Democrats?

Promise them you won't betray them by leaving their party.

It would be a start, anyway.
A Lieberman rep promised us that Lieberman would be spending more time visiting DTC's when he got back from the Senate.

Pro'lly way too late. But if he does show up, I'll have a list of questions ready.
If you find out his DTC schedule, please let me know ASAP. I'll have to get a bunch of videotapes and make sure my camcorder batteries are charged.

Something tells me Joe may get asked some questions that he won't like.
Lieberman going to visit DTC's during the summer vacation season. Real good planning Joe.
destefano's people had a live-blogging event at their debate with malloy today: http://www.destefanoforct.com/blog/?blog_KEY=293

can we do something similar soon? for a big event that might not be as accessible for some people?

just want to float the idea.
Oh, snap! Them's some good questions.

I think you'll be waiting for a reply from Sean as long as the Southbury DTC has been waiting for a reply back from Joe.
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