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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Lieberman Push Polling CT Voters

Joe's internal polling must be sinking faster than the Titanic, since he seems to have resorted to push-polling Connecticut Democrats with the same pathetic lies about Ned Lamont that he's been using in his attack mailers. The poll also seems designed to assure Democratic voters that he will still caucus with the Democrats once he jumps ship.

I've read online of at least two instances of voters receiving calls from an unidentified polling company, and I've had confirmation of a third. One reports:

They asked to respond to two statements and about whether I was more reassured about the candidate:

The two statements:

The first was a long statement (really a mini-speech) by Joe Lieberman and how he WOULD DEFINITELY run as an independant if he lost the primary. And how if elected as an independant he would continue to caucus and vote with the Democrats; and would continue to show his loyalty to the Democratic Party.

The second was a statement ABOUT Lamont stating how in Greenwich he side with Republicans 80% of the time including to cut school funding.

Another reports receiving a similar call:

I just got called by a pollster — apparently paid by Leiberman — using some of the same accusations about Lamont’s background (when you tell a guy making $65k a year that Lamont lives in a 6-million-dollar Greenwich mansion, you don’t expect him to say “how nice!” — he was also a cable TV executive [everyone hates them] and voted to make Greenwich civil servants pay more for their health benefits when he served in town government [moral: never leave a paper trail].

If you receive one these calls, please let me know, by email or in the comments.

Update: More reports at My Left Nutmeg and ConnecticutBlog.
Yep, I got this call tonight also. My first call from a political polling company.

They also said that Lamont sold his Lexus to purchase a Toyota Prius as a campaign prop (not their exact words but it was implied).

I told them that I trusted Lamont 100% to like 20% for Lieberman and I was voting for Lamont on August 8 and I would not be away on vacation.
I received a strange call from a pollster Sunday afternoon. She knew my name and that I was registered as A Democrat. She identified herself as calling from "Eastern Research" and wanted to ask about the CT Senate race. After I had pressed her to be sure I got the name of the polling outfit, she told me she had hit her quota for the area and wouldn't be asking any questions. Not a push poll, but it left me wondering whether because I was asking a lot of questions about who she was polling for, I got dropped.
We should be doing our own push-polling in which we bring up Joe's Republican approval ratings, his friendship with FoxNews Sean Hannity, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh, and his unwavering support for George Bush's elective Iraq War.

Plus, does everyone know Joe helped to create the false linkage between Iraq and Al Qaeda? And that he was for the invasion of Iraq, before 9/11!
I received one call from Eastern Research, and I asked them who commissioned the poll. They refused to tell me, so I told them not to call back.
Received another call from them, with the same run around. Next time, I'll talk.
If you receive a push-polling call, report it to the media. One place is news8@wtnh.com.
Why not push-poll voters on this question: "Would you support a candidate like Joe Liberman who publicly kisses George Bush?"
if you get one of these lieberman push-polling calls, you can fight back by asking them a lot of questions and talking to them in a way which ties them up and prevents them from doing their job while they are burning away time on the phone being unproductive -

also, petition our local MSM to start asking joe if his campaign is now doing a push-polling operation -
Joe's internal polling must be sinking faster than the Titanic, since he seems to have resorted to push-polling Connecticut Democrats with the same pathetic lies about Ned Lamont that he's been using in his attack mailers.

indeed -

to be sure, joe is now a desperate cornered rat, and he is throwing everything and the kitchen sink against ned -

so much for the "principled" joe lieberman who never did anything strictly for "politics" -
Here's the link to Eastern Research. Perhaps someone more creative than me can poke around.

It's not push-polling, it's testing negatives. Check out the Mystery Pollster post on this. If this is push-polling, it's by far the most incompetent job I've ever seen - the calls take way too long and gather actual data, which is worthless in a push poll - it justs costs money.
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