Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Monday, June 05, 2006


Ned and Jim Dean in NYC

An eager and boisterous crowd showed up at a bar in the Flatiron district of NYC this evening for a DFNYC-sponsored fundraiser for Ned Lamont. It was clear the excitement for Ned's campaign crosses state lines in a big way, as the folks who showed up said they wanted not just to contribute their money but their time and effort to this campaign, seemingly to a person. Jim (who sounds eerily like his brother to someone who had never heard him speak before) introduced Ned as "the next senator from Connecticut," and the the crowd cheered loudly. Ned then gave his ever-improving stump speech to a crowd who received it enthusiastically, and stayed to do a live interview with the Majority Report on Air America before taking a couple of questions and mingling with the crowd for a bit. (Unfortunately none of my shots of Ned or Jim turned out any good.)

Another report can be found at this dKos diary. And don't forget about the DFA/MoveOn rally for Ned Lamont in New Haven this Thursday at noon, where Jim Dean will join Ned again.

When is your birthday, I'm buying you a camcorder.
You can buy me a new laptop first. ;)
It's my birthday today. You can buy me a camcorder, and I promise to let him share.
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