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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Political Wire: Joe Making Indy Contingency Plans

(Bumped.) Taegan Goddard reports:

Political Wire has learned that key allies of Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) are making contingency plans for the three-term senator to run as an independent in this fall's U.S. Senate race in Connecticut.

Which Connecticut Democrats will support their party's candidate for senator after Lieberman abandons them? Dodd? Malloy? DeStefano? DeLauro? Larson? Murphy? Farrell? Courtney? DiNardo?

Let me know if you can find a statement on the record from any of these officials about unconditionally supporting the Democratic candidate for senate in November. If not, please try to contact them, as well as any other prominent local or state officials.

It's time to get the Connecticut Democratic party on the record on this.
The headline really should be,
"Lieberman has instructed allies to push the story that they - not Lieberman himself - is planning for an independent run. Lieberman is having surrogates be the ones to be supposedly pushing him for an indy run so that he can be seen as reluctantly agreeing to that course of action, instead of instigating it himself."

This was definitely planted by Joe, and we should read it as yet another step in the normalization of his leaving the party to run against it.
Malloy is on the record that he will support the Dem nominee. I believe DeStefano is there too.

DiNardo and DeLauro are the ones to wedge right now. As well as Chris Dodd.
I would like to see Lamont get his numbers up high over the summer.

He needs to be in the upper 40's to over 50 to give him a stronger edge.
I hope that from now until the nomination is determined that no candidate asking Democrats for their support, for THEIR Senate and congressional seat, will be asked to pledge their loyalty to the Democratic Party. The Party belongs to its memebers, the nomination too. The offices belong to the voters.

None of these politicians does anything but borrow them from the voters in return for their promise to represent them.

It's time we reminded them of these facts.
of course that should read, no candidate asking Democrats for their support will NOT go without being asked to pledge their support for the Democratic Pary.

Long night, no sleep.
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