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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Crawling Out of His Spider-Hole

I was just about to note how nice it's been that one effect of Ned Lamont's candidacy has been Joe Lieberman's virtual absence from the airwaves. Over the last few months he's crawled into his own spider-hole of media invisibility, avoiding the Tim Russerts and Sean Hannitys alike, afraid that he might be asked about his (gasp!) primary opponent, or even worse, slip up and say something (else) politically damaging. Whatever his motivations, it was nice for Democrats not to have a nominal party member reciting GOP talking points on air for the past few weeks.

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and Joe's self-imposed interview exile seems to be at least partially over, as he is scheduled to be on the Imus show at 7:30am tomorrow.

The suspense is high. Will he announce he's leaving the party? Will he announce full support for an invasion of Iran? Will he have another on-air meltdown like he did with Colin McEnroe? Will he laugh heartily at one of those idiots' racist or homophobic jokes? We'll have to wait and see.
The spider hole alone has been worth my first contribution to Ned Lamont. I'd gladly pay 25 bucks a month to keep Joe Lieberman off the air.

In fact, that would be a REALLY good theme for a Lamont online fundraiser! Lamont has stuck a cork in Talk Show Joe for the last couple of months. How much would YOU pay per month to shut Joe up? I bet there are thousands of netroots folks who'd happily pony up a monthly subscription to a "Send Joe back to his spider hole" fund.
Heh. It would be like a carnival dunk tank. "Pay $25 to Shut Joe Up!"

Keep in mind this only works because he's such a duplicitous and dishonest politician. If he was proud of his positions on issues and unafraid of tough questions, he'd have no problem being out in the open.

Instead, he stays in his spider-hole. And leaving the party would just be his way of never leaving it.
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