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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Bill Clinton To Support Primary Winner

Well, that's quite the blow to Joe. It'll be great to see Sen. and Mr. Clinton campaigning for Ned Lamont (D-CT) vs. Joe Lieberman (Lieberman-CT) after August 8th!

Jay Carson, a spokesman for President Clinton, said that the former president and his wife share the same position. "President Clinton is looking forward to campaigning with Senator Lieberman on Monday and will work hard to help ensure he wins the primary, but he respects the primary process and will support the candidate that wins the Democratic primary."

Here's the Metro-North schedule, Bill... don't miss the train!

Update: It's clear that both Clintons have more respect for the Democratic voters of Connecticut than Joe Lieberman does. Tom Swan hopes it will rub off (via FDL):

...We hope the President convinces Joe to respect the will of Democratic voters. We look forward to having him come back and campaign for us in the fall.

I would like to send a polite email telling Bill not to come. Where would I find out what it is?
Perfect! That's the way to take the momentum away from the Clinton appearance - stress that he will support the primary winner and the primary winner alone.
Best I could come up with:
Two things, folks, to bear in mind about Bill Clinton's planned visit next Monday (07/24) to stump for Holy Joe:


2) Whenever any opportunity arises to do so publicly -- on a radio call-in show, at a meet/greet with the cameras running, etc. -- make a point of saying something along these lines:

a) "Gee, it's so good of President Clinton to be so forgiving of the guy who enabled the out-of-control Republican Congress to put the country through the three-year hell of a bogus impeachment crisis."


b) (the direct approach) "How can you be so nice to the guy who put you and us through three years of hell on toast?!?"

If we make sure the Connecticut airwaves and newspapers are filled with reminders of how Lieberman screwed the Clintons, then suddenly Holy Joe won't be so happy that Bill's putting in an appearance.

To start things off, how 'bout writing a letter to the folks at the Hartford Courant complete with reminders of How Holy Joe Backstabbed The Clintons? Either click here, or use letters@courant.com. If everybody who complained about the Clinton visit did this -- and in time to fill the Letters sections of the Sunday and Monday editions of the Courant -- then that'll go a LONG way towards using the Clinton visit as a judo move on Holy Joe.
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