Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Monday, July 24, 2006


Changing Minds

One Two former Lieberman supporters at a time:

Today, our campaign racked up two more impressive local endorsements, both former high-profile supporters of Senator Lieberman: Former Speaker of the House Irv Stolberg and the Finance Chair of Joe Lieberman’s first campaign, Carl Feen.

“I had the pleasure of being involved on a primary campaign with a young progressive who was not afraid to challenge the status quo and speak his mind. A challenger who was not afraid to run in a primary against an intrenched incumbent. A Challenger who was not afraid to speak out against a war that was wrong. I had the pleasure to work on the campaign with Bill Clinton. That challenger used to be Joe Lieberman, but he has lost his way and I am now supporting Ned Lamont who has the courage to proudly speak out about Democratic principles.”

Hey, I thought you would appreciate this video I made. Go Ned!

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