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Monday, July 24, 2006


Nancy Johnson: Lieberman is "Good For CT"

On the same day that Joe is coming to Waterbury with national figures and national media in tow, he got some significant support from Waterbury's Repubican Congresswoman, Rep. Nancy Johnson. In an interview on this morning's "Where We Live" on WNPR (mp3), Johnson, locked in a battle with Democrat Chris Murphy to keep her seat, praised Lieberman and disparaged her own party's candidate for Senate:

JOHNSON: I think the news that has come out about Mr. Schlesinger is extremely disappointing, and I think he should have revealed that going in, because whether people will vote for somebody who clearly has had a gambling problem, if they don't know, is a real issue. So I'm very disappointed about that. I also think, in terms of the Senate excitement that's going on right now, that, you know, Joe Lieberman has been good for Connecticut. We just don't realize - people in the state don't realize - what a powerful influence he is....

Q. I hadn't read that you've officially endorsed Mr. Lieberman. Are you endorsing him right now?

JOHNSON: I'm not endorsing Lieberman. I'm just saying that he has been good for Connecticut, because he's a senior member. He's a person with very great influence. And he's seen as a "thinker." You know, people who have the reputation of being a "thinker" do have more influence in the process. They sometimes don't come up as well on some of the thumbnails, bumper-sticker, judgment pads.

Q. Do you think Mr. Schlesinger should stay in the race?...

JOHNSON: I follow my governor on these issues, she's closer to it than I am. I agree with her that it's very disappointing to find this out at this point.... I think he needs to really search his soul as to whether he can be an effective senate candidate with this personal weakness.

This on the same day that John Rowland's Favorite Democrat, Waterbury mayor Michael Jarjura, welcomes Nancy Johnson's Favorite Democrat to town.
Nancy on Joe in the March 2 Hartford Courant:
Rep. Nancy Johnson won't rule out having Republicans back Sen. Joe Lieberman's re-election bid, but she's also not ruling it in. ..... Johnson will not say whether or not Lieberman should get a GOP nod. "Joe and I are very good friends.... Joe has a lot of support among Republicans and Democrats. But if there's someone in the [Republican] Party who has credibility, we need to take a serious look at that person." On the other hand, Johnson said, "I can't say that we have an obligation to field just anyone"

So if no one credible is on the GOP line... should the party back Lieberman? "Joe has made an effort to serve the community and cut across party lines... I see more and more of that cross-party trend in cities and towns."

Is that a yes or no? "I have a lot of respect for Joe Lieberman. I support Joe in many ways. But the parties have an obligation to try and create debate."

She stuck up for him on Iraq, and who could forget the Waterbury parade?
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