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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Maxine Waters and Ned in Waterbury

This afternoon, Rep. Waters (D-CA) and Ned Lamont spoke to voters at Colombian Day festivities in Waterbury:

A media throng follows Ned everywhere these days, as the excitement surrounding the campaign grows:

Lord Lieberman is the Dean Scream of 2006

Say it. Believe it.
From the Stamford Advocate:

[Barbara] Boxer, popular with liberals and women's groups, will campaign with Lieberman early tomorrow at a candy store in South Norwalk and at a fundraiser at a Stamford resident's home.

Could the Norwalk store be one of these?
* Sono Caffeine, 133 Washington St, (203) 857-4224 (they carry chocolates)
* Lindt Chocolate Store, 467 West Ave., 203-866-3576
* Sugarworks, 26 Knickerbocker Ave, (203) 866-8144
* Sweet Celebrations, 2 First St. 203-838-0260

He'll also be on the radio in Stamford at 8:40 AM.
Big difference from Dean:
Lieberman's woes are real and self-inflicted.
From hackettonpolitics.blogspot.com, in the comments:

"The Boxer events are at 10:45 am, Sweet Rexie's, 136 Washington St., Norwalk; 11:45 a.m. at the home of Sandy and Bob Goldstien, 86 Branes Rd., Stamford."
Aha! Thanks. More about Sweet Rexie's.
So why won't Lamont comment about his gutting of his workforce by over 50% since 2001? He likes to talk the talk about saving jobs, but when he stood to profit from firing workers, he wasn't so caring about worker's rights then. I wonder if that is why he refuses to make a full financial disclosure for the past 5 years? Why only disclose last year's tax return? Why suddenly stop filing jointly with his wife, what is Ned Lamont hiding?
WOW - Ned almost looks like RFK in those pictures!
There is an anonymous accuser above ......... you know, just like how Rove likes to point out "facts" ...
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