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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sunday Morning Round-Up

Nine days...

My nomination for quote of the campaign:

One of the women, Karen Schuessler of Ridgefield, told me she had bought an expensive ticket to a Lieberman fundraiser last December, so she could tell him directly how much she opposed the war. “He told me, `Things are looking better over there. They’re voting. They have a constitution.’ I thought, What a moron!”

From "The Cause Beats the Candidate"
July 30, 2006
Lieberman: Democrats my toughest constituency

Gosh, I wonder why? WaPo:

"It's difficult personally," Lieberman said last week of the defections by party veterans such as Stolberg. "I am competing in the most difficult part of the Connecticut electorate for me."

Yeah.... Democrats!

[Originally posted at Corrente.
At first I couldn't belive my eyes when I read that line from today's WaPo about the Senator wanting God to send him a "poor one." Remarkably, unbelievably it sounded like he actually wanted to go head-to-head with someone who could not pose a meaningful challenge. What kind of a person SAYS something like that? I'm sorry, but a comment like that just struck me as . . . un-American. Is the Senator not up for a competitive race? Well, that's just too darned bad 'cause he's got one on his hands now.

That's what our system of democracy is supposed to be about. But, oh wait, we're not quite there yet in terms of evening the field for all political candidates and that's why we need to reform the system so it's not just the big-$ lobbyist and special insterest folks who can play this game, but us little/regular people can also play a role and hopefully elect someone to really represent us, someone like Ned!!!
friendly_shark - I am with you 100%. Lieberman is trying to joke about his desire to avoid the democratic process in its entirety. He prayed to God to have an opponent who simply couldn't afford to run against him. It's truly offensive that he thinks that the health of our democracy is an appropriate subject to try to make light of.
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