Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Saturday, July 29, 2006


New York Times Endorses Ned Lamont

In tomorrow's paper:

[The New York Times, in an editorial published on Sunday, endorsed Mr. Lamont over Mr. Lieberman, arguing that the senator had offered the nation a “warped version of bipartisanship” in his dealings with President Bush on national security.]

This is big news. Seemingly overnight, a small group of radical "weirdos" determined to "terrorize" poor Joe Lieberman have become sensible, mainstream Democrats determined to elect a sensible mainstream Senator.

(now stop reading blogs and get back to the Lamont phone banks).

Joementum, like Bush, Cheny and all the other GOPers, are radioactive.

Time to reserve the Ryder truck Joe. You're going back to Connecticut.
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