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Monday, July 31, 2006


Monday Morning Round-Up

Eight days... volunteer this week...

Wasn't Blumenthal on stage with Clinton in Waterbury supporting Lieberman?

He may HAVE to support the winner of the primary, but his heart (and home town) belong to Joe.

Is this hypocritical . . . or just politics?
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Speaking of Blumenthal, had Joe not been so selfish about keeping his Senate campaign alive in 2000, Blumenthal would have become a Senator, and I find it hard to believe that he would have become a toady for Bush.
Ok, this is PURE SPECULATION, everyone, but have y'all visited Lieberman's campaign website? Blumenthal is NOT listed as one of his supporters. I know this may be reading too much into it, but don't you all think if he really, truly, deeply supported him he would be listed? I kinda noticed this and I think it means SOMETHING. . . And yeah, sure, he was in attendance in Waterbury, but hey, I heard a number of people were there for Bill, not the senator. . .
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