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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Future Headline

Lieberman Plans "Lieberman for Lieberman" Bid If "Connecticut For Lieberman" Primary Fails

HARTFORD, August 9th - Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut said yesterday that he would run as an independent "Lieberman for Lieberman" candidate if he loses the state "Connecticut For Lieberman" primary today. The announcement by Mr. Lieberman, the leader of the one-month-old Connecticut for Lieberman party, underscores the increasing vulnerability he feels in his own party.

Reacting to a primary challenge from Joey Lieberman, a college baseball player for the University of Memphis Tigers, Senator Lieberman said that he would begin gathering the 7,500 petition signatures necessary to put his name on the ballot should he lose the "Connecticut for Lieberman" primary on Aug. 9.

He said that even if elected as a "Lieberman for Lieberman" candidate, he would remain ''a proud member of Connecticut for Lieberman'' and would caucus with other Connecticut for Lieberman senators. Still, the prospect that Mr. Lieberman may challenge the Connecticut for Lieberman nominee is a startling turn for the senator, who has spent almost the entire last five weeks in the Connecticut for Lieberman party.

The senator's announcement signaled his growing concern over the Tennessee baseball player's candidacy. The first baseman/outfielder decided to run in the "Connecticut for Lieberman" primary after realizing that his name was getting a significant number of Google hits from political bloggers looking for news on the Connecticut senate race.

''While I believe that I will win the Aug. 9th Connecticut for Lieberman primary, I know that there are no guarantees in elections, even if the party is named after me.'' Sen. Lieberman said at a brief news conference at the State Capitol with his wife, Hadassah, beside him. The results, he said, could be skewed by a low turnout in a sultry August.

''My friends,'' the senator said, ''after 37 days of working for, fighting for and delivering for the Connecticut for Lieberman party, I want the opportunity to put my case before all the people of Connecticut in November.''

(Apologies to William Yardley and Jennifer Medina.)


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