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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The People's Senator

(Photo by CTBlogger.)

With two weeks to go, Ned is meeting as many people across the state this week as he can: at senior centers in Bridgeport, Fairfield, and New Haven, a candidate forum in New Britain, meet-and-greets in Westport and Suffield, a NOW/Connecticut Choice Voice fundraiser in West Hartford, an outdoor concert in East Hartford, an Irish festival in Hartford, and events in Bristol, Bethel, and more. All open to the public, and all in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Sen. Lieberman isolates himself more and more from Connecticut voters, holding screened invite-only events and press-only photo-ops, still scared to address what President Clinton described as the "elephant in the room," but which are really twin elephants that been hounding him on the trail ever since February: (1) Iraq, and (2) his decision to bolt the Democratic party.

Spazeboy will be on Colin McEnroe's show today at 5:40pm today to talk about being shut out from the Lieberman-Clinton event in Waterbury yesterday, even though he had a ticket and was excited to hear the former President speak.

Update: Here's Spazeboy's take on yesterday's events, including a video re-enactment.
elephant in the room? did he mean Lieberman?
I heard part of Leiberman's speech on NPR this morning, and he said (paraphrasing)"Looking around the room, I see that my opponent Ned Lamont is not here..."

...as though he would have been allowed to enter.
You mean Clinton who supports Lieberman over Lamont, and calls trying to knock a Democrat out of congress the most insane strategy he's ever heard of? That Clinton?
The same Clinton who sat beside HW Bush and said that nobody could have forseen that the levees would fail?
The same Clinton who stabbed Lieberman in the back from a national state on the floor of the Senate? That Clinton?
Whoops, got that backwards - You mean the same Clinton that Lieberman stabbed in the back from the floor of the Senate?

Would sanctimonious Joe ever forgive someone like that? I doubt it.
I have seen the spazeboy's video of the denied entrance scene, as well as the video he shot at the radio station with Jane of the interview(s) of Weicker. I must say, it does my heart good to see young folks getting involved again.

Too bad we didn't have the internet or even video back in the 60s - or things may have turned out differently. I have never been more proud to be a democrat then now, as I follow this race and see how many folks are getting involved and plugged into the truth.
skippy calls the big dog.
I could have sworn I heard Clinton's comment on NPR this morning, and he actually referred to "the pink elephant in the room," which considering the sozzled minds of Bush & Co., would be kind of funny if it weren't so scary.
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