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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Joe's True Supporters

Ten-Million-Dollar Joe is beloved by Republicans:

In Ansonia, Dorothy Bivens held a Lieberman sign on the sidewalk. A Mobile, Ala., resident visiting her daughter, Bivens seemed overcome when Lieberman stopped, shook her hand and thanked her for helping him on her vacation.

"I love Joe Lieberman," she said.

Asked why, her answer did not come from the day's suggested talking points: "Because he supports the president, and I support the president."

and big money corporate donors:

"Lieberman has been taking in six-figure sums almost every day since July 20. On that day alone, Lieberman collected an estimated $139,300. Lamont reported $2,000. The contrasts continued: On July 24, the senator took in $127,600 to Lamont's $4,100. The next day, the gap closed a bit: Lieberman, $39,400 to Lamont's $12,200."

Among the donors:

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Phoenix Companies
the Bond Market Association
the Real Estate Roundtable
Honeywell International
Credit Suisse and the National Society of Accountants.

Since the daily reports began July 20, he has received checks of $1,000 or more from the political arms of

the Mashantucket Pequots
Fannie Mae
the Chicago Board of Trade
Tyco International
the National Auto Dealers Association
Eli Lilly
and others.

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