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Friday, July 07, 2006


More Reaction

Colin McEnroe:

For my part, I was horrified. I have known this man for decade, but the haughty, disdainful personality I saw up there was new to me. He really is offended by the idea that some puny upstart is trying to take what belongs, apparently, to him. Did you catch the moment at the end when Lamont stuck his hand out? Lieberman took it like it was made out of wolverine pus, dropped it after a nanosecond and barged over to greet his old friends from 30.

Ari Melber:

Lieberman actually channeled Bush throughout the debate. He echoed the White House spin on Iraq, arguing the only "choice is between helping the Iraqis achieve a free and independent Iraq or abandoning them and letting the terrorists take over." He trotted out baseless flip-flop charges, accusing Lamont of taking five different positions on the war. And when all else failed, Lieberman deployed the classic Bush-Rove tactic: project your own weakness on to your opponent. So he accused Lamont of the top grievances voters have against Lieberman: voting too often with Republicans, acting out of touch and prioritizing power over principle.


I'm listening to the Lieberman-Lamont debate and if I were just tuning in with no knowledge of the players I would just assume that Lieberman was a conservative Republican, if not an actual member of the Bush administration. He's behaving like an arrogant, bullying thug.

Also last night, President Bush refused to rule out supporting Lieberman's independent candidacy.
At one point in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Senator Payne attacks Jefferson Smith and then hurries off the floor. Taylor, the big boss, tells the Senator to go back in there and keep giving it to him, but Payne says” I hit him with all that I’ve got” and Smith did not fold. That’s what we saw last night. Holy Joe hit Ned with all that he’s got and Ned did not fold. In order for Joe to have won last night he needed a big win and anything less was a lost. Joe knew he did not get that and the reality of losing the primary and the general election chased him out the door. Once he loses the primary and all of his old friends and supporters ($$$) start to hedge their bets and some have already started, he has lost. He knows it and as events unfold he realizes more and more that his last chapter is not going to be pretty. The headline will be a heartbreaker for him and his family but he did more than anyone in writing his story.

We Americans don’t like War and the cheerleaders for this War have to pay a price. Joe Lieberman is the first of many governmental officials that took this country to War that will pay a small price compare to the price that is being paid everyday by the soldiers and their families, and the future generations of Americans that will have to fix the mess that this War with Iraq has caused.

The War on those that attack us on 9/11, The USSN Cole, and all the other attacks should go on but Iraq is not about that War and for Joe to continue to try to include Iraq into that War speaks of his dishonesty and complicity in taking us into this Iraq War.

The Washington club that Jefferson Smith discovered when he went to DC still exists and they should learn from this fight here in Connecticut or they too will have to pay a similar price that Joe is now and will forever pay if they don’t start listening to US.
That's an excellent portrayal of what went down last night. Jefferson Smith versus Senator Payne.
Mr. Lamont goes to Washington.

This is how the campaign should go from now on.
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