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Friday, July 07, 2006


John Droney Scolds Jews for Supporting Lamont

David Silverman, writing for JTA, a Jewish news service, has quite the scoop about Jewish support for Ned Lamont. According to an internal poll, Ned is beating Joe Lieberman among Jewish voters in Connecticut:

But an internal Democratic poll of Connecticut Jews sees Lamont leading by 50 percent to 41 percent, JTA has learned. The sample was small, but the results were a dramatic departure from the 90-plus approval rating Lieberman scored among Jews after Al Gore named him as his running mate in 2000.

Connecticut Jews make up 111,000 of the state's 3.4 million people, or a little more than 3 percent of the population, according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

And I didn't think it was possible for Lieberman's right-hand man John Droney - who previously called all Lamont supporters "terrorizing" "left-wing weirdos" - to say something even more offensive. But check this out:

"I find the behavior of a large segment of the Jewish community to be reprehensible and outrageous," said John Droney, a former chairman of the state party who is advising Lieberman to run as an independent. "When he's in trouble like this, they all ought to rally to him. It's too bad that you have to listen to an Irish-American to realize that you've got to support your own home cooking."

"Reprehensible and outrageous." Wow.

It's obvious both Lieberman and Droney yearn for the days of machine politics when a candidate could count on his ethnic constituency for unified and unconditional support regardless of how much he screwed up in his job. Real democracy is a bitch for incumbents like Joe, isn't it. But for a non-Jew to scold Jewish voters like this for daring to support a candidate of their choice... that's what's really reprehensible and outrageous.
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Joe should not be surprised to find Jews leaving him. For the most part (us) Jews are Democrats, strong on an effective defense, but weak on optional wars of aggression that kill our kids and other innocents. We also don't take kindly to people that want to gut the social contract as Joe has opted for with his stances on social security, bankruptcy, emergency contraceptive, etc.

And I know that a lot of us, that do go to synagogue, were more than a little annoyed with Joe's holier than thou attitude.

Good riddance Joe, may they name a baby after you!
Maybe most jews have decided that it is better to have a Democrat?

Lieberman Praises Bush, Chides Kerry

Dave Eberhart, NewsMax.com
Friday, Oct. 15, 2004

Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman took the unusual step of praising President Bush while chiding John Kerry during a campaign stop in Florida Wednesday.

Lieberman, with just three weeks left before the election, praised Bush strongly for his support of Israel, America’s lone democratic ally in the Mid-East.

"We are dealing with a president who's had a record of strong, consistent support for Israel. You can't say otherwise,” Lieberman told an audience of 600 near Delray Beach, Fla, the Palm Beach Post reported in editions Thursday.

Lieberman also added that any criticism of Bush vis-à-vis Israel would be “unjustified.”

After the speech, the paper said Lieberman spoke to reporters and suggested that “Bush appears to have made inroads with Jewish voters, who voted Democratic by an estimated 4-to-1 margin in 2000.”

But Lieberman indicated Kerry’s support among Jews may be softer, and he chided the Democratic nominee for not coming out more strongly for Israel.

“And I think John Kerry, to reassure people, has to himself be explicit" rather than having surrogates deliver the message, the Post quoted Lieberman as saying.

Lieberman alluded to worries among Jews about Kerry’s position on Israel. Lieberman bluntly revealed that he has asked the Kerry campaign to have John Kerry himself discuss his views on Israel because "only John Kerry can eliminate those doubts."
So a "large segment of the Jewish community" should ignore their historic progressive leanings and support an alleged "moderate" who is allied with Bush on a great many of his policies?

Lieberman did this to himself. I still remember hearing him on the radio in the runup to the Iraq war saying "let's let George Bush do what he was elected to do."

I can't even enumerate the number of things wrong with that statement.
And for Joe to claim that the only issue with him is over Iraq completely ignores his cavalier attitude to women seeking legal abortions...that they should ride around in a taxi looking for a hospital that will allow them to exercise their court approved rights.

Joe-shmo is an asshole regardless of religious affilliation.
This is an important development, and if accurate really highlights the extent of Joe's problems.

Droney is such an asshole. You'd think the Lieberman camp would try to shut him up but by pandering to his negative campaign tactics they've set themslves up.
Some Jews don't make their religion their number one priority when voting for a candidate, but rather, the candidate's stand on this little thing called "issues." I find Droney's comments more than a little patronizing with undertones of anti-Semitism. Not surprsing that "Judgmental Joe" would align himself with such a schmuck.

Bad Jews! Bad Jews! Is Droney going to swat the Connecticut voters with rolled up issues of Ha'aretz next?
As a former Minnesotan, I can't help but be reminded of the 1990 U.S. Senate race, when Paul Wellstone (may he rest in peace) came out of nowhere to unseat Republican Senator Rudy Boschwitz. The wikipedia article on Wellstone describes it accurately:

"In 1990, Wellstone ran for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Rudy Boschwitz, beginning the race as a serious underdog. He won the election, after being outspent by a 7-to-1 margin. Some credit the upset defeat to a letter Boschwitz supporters wrote, on campaign stationery, to members of the Minnesota Jewish community days before the election, accusing Wellstone of being a "bad Jew" for marrying a Gentile and not raising his children in the Jewish faith. Wellstone's reply, widely broadcast on Minnesota television, was, "He has a problem with Christians, then." Boschwitz, like Wellstone, is Jewish."
What watertiger said.
"It's time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge he'll be commander-in-chief for three more years," the senator said. "We undermine the President's credibility at our nation's peril."

This guy Droney is someone who is corrupt as they come. He traded his influence to cash in. He was part of the National Smokers Alliance, a sham organization set up by industry insiders to pretend there was a ground swell of support for smoker rights. The board included Lyn Nofziger (Republican Operative). Lieberman should repudiate him.
Maybe Joe would have more support from Jews if he remembered how much we value peace over war.

Nation shall not lift up sword against nation
And shall they learn no longer ways of war.
--Isaiah 2:4
My grandmother [Scandinavian], bless her heart, would vote for a Scandinavian-sounding individual if she didn't know who else to vote for; I think she was trying to vote for someone with a similar cultural perspective. Unfortunately, a familiar-sounding name doesn't guarantee an individual's politics are in line with your own any more than would voting for the supposed 'born-again Christian' in an election rather than someone who wasn't as vocal about their faith, as evidenced by politics in recent years.

Without a thorough examination of the candidate's views, a vote based on religious affiliation is as meaningless as picking the left-handed candidate or the more photogenic candidate. Jewish voters are right to question Lieberman's creds now that he's shown himself as nothing but a BushBoy.
Maybe the American Jews are begining to see the similaritis between the policies of the US, Israel and those of fascist Germany.

It's time that all of America wake up!!
No more Joe boy.
It'll be interesting to see the amount of Joe's Jewish support if he really does run as an Independent against the Democratic candidate. He may not even be able to hold onto 41% once they realize he's sticking it to their beloved Democratic Party. I don't mean to sterotype, but Ralph Nader found that liberal Jews can be very vicious when you threaten to take votes away from the Democrat as a third candidate. Joe could be facing a Jewish Tsunami in November--oy gevalt!
Joe proves that one can always find willing camp guards . . .
Jews should either support U.S. interests - meaning we should be running as far away from supporting Isreal for being a colonial enterprise bend on "wiping" Palestine off the map - or they should emmigrate to their beloved promised land and leave us the hell alone. Liberman, Schumer, Koch, Krouthammer, Crystal et.al.'s holy alliance with the white Christian right is literally killing us. We need to take this country back!
Thinking Jews know that promoting peace in the Middle East is the strongest support of Israel. There's broad diversity of political opinion within Israel. It should come as no surprise when diversity manifests itself within the American Jewish community. The only "reprehensible and outrageous" behavior is Droney's condescension and un-Democratic tirade. The Lieberman camp no longer understands Connecticut voters, Democrats, or Jews.
Angelo, that comment is downright anti-semitic and smacks of the old tired charge of duel loyalties. Most Jews do not believe there is a conflict between the interests of the US and of Israel, and to suggest they are any less loyal to the US because they also support Israel, is little bit like when the right accuses Mexican-Americans of being anti-American.
Hey Charlie -

Old charge? Some "old charges" are fact. That America is a hoplessly racist country that never did anything good - except stop the Nazis from exterminating Jews and taking over the world is an old charge - but it's probaly a fact. That Turkey committed genocide againt Armenians is an old charge -does that make it not true? Save it for passover Charlie - where it will get an insular nod...

Anti-semetic? Oh the "race-card" Charlie - are you "Al Sharpening" me? Anytime anyone doesn't roll over and die in the face of Jewish (i.e.white) supremacy, colonialism, or facism - or bye into the need to wipe Palestinians "off the map" - or don't do along using America to destroy Iraq or Iran or any other country that Israel needs destroyed in order to have "room to grow" - you call them anti-semitic. Dual-loyalties? - you bet:
Edward Koch - a liberal-gay-new-yorker-democrat who loves George Bush? Why? the same reason Liberman loves Bush: Israel!! Dual loyalties - you bet.

Either be an American - and fly our flag or move to Isreal, join the IDF, fly the Star of David - and kill Palestinians who have the nerve to resist the way Jews resisted the Nazis or Indians resisted our colonial enterprise.

Oh - on the Mexican analogy: It's a stupid. If Mexico was bend on destroying Argentina, claiming it was theirs, killing Argentinians who had a ligitimate right to kill Mexicans who were killing them (and calling them terrorists)- then yes, Mexican-Americans would have to choose between supporting a country that was colonizing another - even though it was a country they had an ethnic or racial connection to - or adhor colonialism, racism, ethnic cleansing and the like. They would have a choice, just like you do.

Charlie: who or what are you loyal to? Us or Israel? One or the other - Do you know and love America and undertand that though we've represented both good and evil - that we can make it more good than evil? If so - you can start by droping your support for Israel. you can't have it both ways. Or does that conflict your loyalies?
Recent history has shown that Jews are first and FOREMOST loyal to Israel. Even jewish senators/representatives e.g. Lieberman, put the interest of Israel before the interest of USA. To suggest that US and Israel interests are the same, by a fellow jewish blogger, is absurd. They are 2 different countries with completely different ideology and different RELIGION. Israel needs US support to survive, where as Israel is only a liability to US. In fact 5 billion dollars a year of donations can do alot of good to our own infrastructure - including the uninsured, disaster erea, education, homelessness, etc. More importantly, Israel has tarnished the good reputation of United States as the true democracy in the world. The oil argument is baseless - we would have more oil for cheaper if Arabs/Persians didn't hate us. I wouldn't be surprised for UN to move their base from NY for US's biased support for Israel.
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