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Thursday, July 06, 2006



Brave, brave Joe:

"George Bush and the Iraq war are not very popular among Democrats -- have you noticed?" Lieberman said on Monday. "It doesn't take a lot of courage to run [Lamont's] kind of campaign."

As opposed to the "courage" it requires to "take out an insurance policy" because you're scared about losing the primary. Or the "courage" to run away from your opponent's calls for a spending cap while raising his personal finances as an issue. Or the "courage" needed to do extensive polling to test possible attack ads about your opponent's car.

Elsewhere in the Boston Globe, Joan Vennochi nails it:

This isn't simply "Profiles in Courage," starring Joe Lieberman. It is "Profiles in Lieberman," starring a politician who irritated his party via sanctimony and loyalty to self, and must live with the political consequences.

Let's pretend for a moment--arguendo I think the lawyers say-- that Joe's stand on Iraq is courageous. Okay. Now let's look at the simple fact that he's wrong. The number of TV satellites on houses is not more important than the number of dead and mutilated Americans and Iraqis resulting from Bush's War. Now let's look at Joe's Iraq policy: Continuing to give carte blanche to the President. That's unconstitutional and a dereliction of Joe's Constitutional duty as a Senator.

"Courage" in the service of stupidity and in defiance of the Constitution is no virtue.

That was easy.
Well Courage filled Joe is still clinging to the Ned is a republican strategy.

Joes latest ad shows how "Good" of a democrat he is. And still using the old Meet Ned Lamont ad one-liners.

"Low Information Voter" strategy in full force.
Joe should not be re-elected.

He sold out to Enron, he sold out to Bush tax cuts to rich and again for tax cuts to oil companies as gas reached $3/gal. He supported Bush in his Iraq invasion and war. He cannot be trusted.

My concern about Lamont is that like Schwarzenegger who funded his own campaign, who although a Republican, many democrats voted for him only to learn that he chooses big business over the people. Will Lamont like Joe and Arnold, side with big business once in office?

I say give him a chance and if he does, dump him next election. DO NOT RE-ELECT CORPORATE SHILLS IN EITHER PARTY.
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