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Friday, July 21, 2006


How It Came To This

Genghis Conn has the must-read post of the day, describing in detail the huge canyon that has opened up between Sen. Lieberman and Connecticut over the past eight years, from impeachment, to the make-nice VP debate with Cheney, to his decision to hedge his bets and possibly cost Senate Democrats a seat in 2000, to being MIA in the state for the last six years, to becoming the leading Bush cheerleader on Fox News, to Iraq, to running a horrible campaign, to finally deciding to abandon Connecticut Democrats by forming his own vanity party.

I'd only add that while this has really kicked in since his 2000 VP run, this actually all started way before 1998 and impeachment. You can go back to Joe's fight against universal healthcare, his deceit on Clarence Thomas' nomination, his wishy-washyness on affirmative action, his sanctimonious moralizing about Hollywood with Bill Bennett and company, and his ties to right-wing figures like William F. Buckley that got him off the ground vs. Weicker in the first place.

Lieberman's "Connecticut Problem" has been years in the making.
Good points! I've updated my post to include that--it's important to note that this all started because Republicans were annoyed with Lowell Weicker.
you only go the story of how it all started partly right.

1988...the conservative R's were unhappy with Weicker...Conservative D's led by then party chair Droney convinced Joe to do a "left/right" race..

there were meetings and joint phonecalls between conservatives of both camps to throw their support..some openly ( like bozzuto and buckley) and some secretly to Joe.
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