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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Parade Round-Up

the kiss
(Photo of ctkeith and the "Kiss" float from ConnecticutBlog.)

The Boom Box parade sounds like it was an absolute blast. I'm very sorry not to have been there, but fortunately a million other bloggers were.

Spazeboy, Scarce, and CTBlogger have all posted video of the parade and the TV news coverage. The creator of the "Kiss" float posts about the experience on My Left Nutmeg, as does Maura and BranfordBoy.

Jane was there, too, and filed a report. (And don't miss Paul Bass's terrific piece on racing up to Hartford with Jane and poodles from Monday.)

Tim at the official blog was all over it too.

And of course, without DumpJoe.com, none of this would have ever happened.

Amazing. Both the incredible response to Ned at the event, and the equally incredible coverage of it.

Update: Jennifer Medina describes the scene in Willimantic for the NY Times:

Along the street were several loyal supporters of Mr. Lieberman, who greeted him with hugs, smiles and promises of "We're with you all the way, Joe." But their encouraging words were often drowned out by the shouts of "Joe's got to go," "traitor" and "shame on you."...

Mr. Lieberman enjoys strong backing with Republicans and independent voters. Indeed, several of his most enthusiastic supporters here said they were not registered Democrats and were eager to see him run on a third line....

But seemingly bolstered by Senator Lieberman's attempt at an independent nomination, the Lamont campaign outdid the Lieberman enthusiasts in both size and volume.

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