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Monday, July 03, 2006


Tom Swan on AAR

Swan will be responding to Lieberman's defection on Air America in a couple of minutes.

Also, a couple of other updates:

David Sirota issues a call to action on the DSCC.

Stirling Newberry looks at Joe's defection in the context of rolling back the hard-won creation of the primary system itself. We already knew Joe pined for the days of machine bosses, but this lame and laughable attempt to game the system is a piece of work. Connecticut voters are smarter than that.
I have created a blog on Leader Reid’s “Give em Hell Harry” site where you can join me in asking Harry Reid to pledge to support the winner of the Connecticut Democratic primary. Please add your comments at http://www.giveemhellharry.com/page/community/post/teddysanfran/Vjn
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